Its a lazy afternoon. After almost a 9 hour long sleep yesterday night, I still feel really lazy and drowsy, yes its back to normal now. After the initial 2-3 weeks of hyper enthusiaism and energy, and obviously the busy weekennds full of acco hunting, this weekend I shifted (finally shifted) to my new appartment for the next few months.The place is huge, with 3 bedrooms and a living
cum dining room, large enough to actually do figure skating, especially since its absolutely empty too.

Yesterday however, one of the flatmates bought a television, thankfully, considering we couldn’t have survived without one, even for one day. So, the entertainment requirements have been taken care of I am supposed to be buying a refrigerator, and its requirement cannot be underestimated. Those who have had
to drink ‘luke warm’ water when the temmperature outside is nearing 40 degrees would probably agree to this. Our third flatmate is to purchase a microwave , to aid ‘cooking’ which is certainly not my deparment, so I guess that would be used by me simply to heat up dinner which I would probably pick up on my way back from office.

We have half the terrace to ourselves, as ours is a pent house on top of a five floor building. Inspite of all the comments about how boiling hot the top floors usually are, its actually been heavenly during the nights, what with
a continuous breeze at its best at the higher levels. And then we have half of the terrace to ourselves, which givesus a view of the famous Hussain Sagar Lake in hyderabad. Also , we get to view all kinds of fireworks ,as the span
of our view is pretty vast, and wedding seasons in.

Constant attempts at making the place look a little more inhabited are on. The curtains would be on by the time we get back home today. The rooms have become much more bearable after the cleaning lady’s two day efforts. Also laundry is no longer a problem, as the cleaning lady does that too..:)

Watched Parineeta yesterday. In simple words ‘Really liked it’. A short movie , lasting around 2 hours 15 minutes, with good music, decent actors, happy storyline (OMG, was that a spoiler???)I couldn’t have asked for more. It might have to do with the last movie I saw here. B&B. Absolute disaster, really nothing to talk about. Especially since I had pretty high expectations from an
Amitabh, Abhishek, Rani starrer. But Parineeta was really good. Next: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Paheli.

Thats enough blogging for now I guess. Will hope fully update soon and more often.. till then, Ciao


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  1. Good to know ure settling in….i’m far from it…moved out of my place in 1 day!..didnt like it…the hunt it on again.
    Suggestion: Stay away from Mr and Mrs Smith, unless of course, ure just going with the purpose of devouring Brad Pitt! 🙂
    Parineeta is on my watch-list.

  2. Dont worry, it will take time I guess, but you still have quite some time right….. Got similar vies abt Mr and Mrs… from others too, Dunno if its worthwhile going to watch it just for Brad Pitt. Do see Parineeta..

  3. Anonymous

    U mean to say Parineeta is good!!..OMG I cant beleive this…a pretty old story line and an even older dialogue sequence…But may be comparatively its okay wrt B&B..
    BTW, which area is this??..that too if ur able to see Hussain Sagar lake, then it must be a wonderfull ..Neways I am leaving HYD for mangalore..near God’s own country..leaving prolly on 23rd of June

  4. Anonymous

    J says…
    Thank fully for you hope fully means more or less the same as hopefully but I really think you could do with one of those Rapidex books 😉
    Aaaw…come on.. Bunty wasn’t that bad… esp the songs..I so dearly wanted to dance to almost all of them and I have two left feet jes like Aby baby…mebbe ur bad experience had more to do with ur own gargantuan expectations..
    U planning to see Paheli ? SRK as a ghost ? U r mad !!
    ps: THAT was a spoiler.

  5. Re: J says…
    Gift me one na, and also gift me a laptop so that I can connect to the net at home, and not have to type the whole post on notepad, and then transfer it to the blog… that way there might be lesser number of errors… and BTW, ‘THAT’ was not a spoiler , considering I know more than that about the movie… let me know if u want details…

  6. Anonymous

    heylo hav started readin blogs now as almost everything else is blocked #$%@&*^ :D… dun talk about penthouses in frnt of ppl in bbay!!! meanie 😦
    saw parineeta yest, was good!
    njoi anuj
    P.S. do post pics when u start “fig. skating” !!! hehehehehehe >:)

  7. Hey hi! For us blog sites which have the word ‘blog’ mentioned in the url are also restricted! So its only live journal. As for the fig. skating “yeah right!”

  8. Anonymous

    Long time
    anonymous but not so anonymous as well.. hmm pretty strange of you to blog from office woh b GECIS..and really cool to hear of your penthouse and finally as always if you have any problem in GECIS do give me a ring…..

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