And once there was this girl who cribbed a lot…

Hmmmm… recently I noticed that my blog has actually become just another source for me to crib. All those who know me also know how much used to cribbing I actually am, and if they don’t know that, they don’t know me. So coming back to the point, I seem to have more reasons, occasions and chances to crib than probably anyone else around. The reason, as most would think, would be my natural urge to crib, and crib, and crib even more. But then they don’t know how exactly, the circumstances and situations around me almost conspire to make me continue this way.

Lets start with the post- acco finding days. Like already mentioned by me in the last blog, it’s taking quite an effort to get settled in this place and making it more livable. For that purpose, one requires basic things like a TV, a fridge etc., which again requires the buyer to have a certain amount of money with them. In this case, the buyer being yours truly, had been waiting for the company to credit last month’s salary advance to the bank account. The process kept getting delayed, but finally on Monday, the salaries of all the new joinees were credited. With the exception of 2 of the 42. Obviously, yours truly HAD to be one of the two.

The reason was even more interesting. A mail had been sent to concerned authorities specifying the bank name and account number. However, the authority concerned was an exceptionally intelligent individual, who took it upon himself, to recount the number of digits in the account and see whether it actually was for the bank specified. But then mistakes do happen, and counting digits is one of the most probable error. So the number was counted as 13 instead of 12, and so a conclusion was reached. The bank name specified by us had to be wrong. And the money was sent to the other bank, and so the delay.

Coming to airfare reimbursements. An approval from a higher authority was required, and so a mail was sent asking for it. The approval was sent to an inbox whose holder would not be accessing it for another month. So, the reimbursement is delayed.

Now since the salary hasn’t reached the bank, the Phone connection guys are not ready to activate the STD to landline facility. A very logical thing to do, as they don’t seem to be concerned about how the bills for the other calls, STD to mobiles, and local calls are going to be paid for. So, I cant call home.

Then comes the icing on the cake. My flat mates have this sudden argument about whether or not non-veg food can be cooked in the house. While one is adamant to try her chicken cooking skills at home, the other one is specific about her allergy to chicken and the particles which would float around the room when its being cooked. So, each one plans as to who moves out, while I sit and watch.

And so I crib, cos its not only me but the entire universe which wants me to. And if anyone has any issues with that, well, it’s his or her problem. I already have quite a few of my own…


5 thoughts on “And once there was this girl who cribbed a lot…

  1. Its your blog. You have every right to crib.
    Don’t underestimate the therapeutic effect it has on those who feel that the entire universe is aligned with the sole purpose of screwing them. 🙂
    The bank account and airfare things happen everywhere. It’s almost an accepted facet of life.
    As for the cooking thing… There’s no other go… Either split ways or compromise. However, if I were you, I’d cover my bases by asking the person leaving to arrange for a replacement before leaving.

  2. Very reasonable cribbing, I would say, considering how your week has turned out. That said, these problems are only temporary, and will be over before too long, so hang in there!

  3. Anonymous

    Now this was a post thathad ne grinning from end to end….
    Remember the following pearly words of wisdom
    1. Cribbing is your birthright. If neone tries to prevent you from exercising that, sue them.
    2. Cribbing is healthy. If you dont vent out your frustration, it gets bottled up and you end up becoming mad…errr..madder in your case …
    3. And join me in my club against one Mr. Paulo Coelho. You can become magalir sangam thalaivi :-p
    Chin up pethi !!

  4. Anonymous

    its 8:30 pm in office…came arnd 12+hrs back..tom training starts at 8:30 am, have major stuff to work on which am guessin will take arnd 5-6 hrs…and oh yeah !! this is just week 3 of life (i.e. xxx weeks 😉 cheer up pal its bad but it cud be worse…:) and i shudnt b wastin time commenting too 8-x

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