Ended a whirlwind month at Hyderabad this 23rd. And have to accept that this was one exciting month. A proper experience of what working is all about, a chance to do a million different things. If I sit and count all that happened over the month, it would probably take ages. Anyways, some of the best things that happened during the month would be
· Got an awesome apartment, which now has a TV and a Fridge too (ya, bought it finally)
· The kitchen’s been set up. That means home cooked food. Tried my hand at cooking yesterday and didn’t end up too badly.
· Learnt Stained glass painting. Attended a workshop at work for it, and end result is two ‘not so bad’, ‘done without any help’ paintings.
· Participated full time in the inter-department creative week, being coordinator for the Antakshari and participant in the Grand Finale. End result: Commercial Finance; second in the Grand Finale and overall third among 10 departments (ours being the smallest team for that matter, we are a measly 125 people as against 1500 in the IT services and 750 in software departments which stood first and second respectively)

As for what else is happening in life, I like the work and my team :)(Touchwood! Touchwood! Touchwood!). Finally caught hold of something to read after a long long time (‘The Hungry Tide’ by Amitav Ghosh), my second book by an Indian author after R.K.Narayan’s ‘Bachelor of Arts’. Have a definite time by when I have to leave for work at around 10(though I have never ever gotten to log off at the scheduled 8 P.M.).

So inspite of the irritating guesthouse experience, the salary mix up, the missing reimbursements, the conking off my precious Nokia 3315 (which I lost and got back with great difficulty, and now its 1, 0, 7, and 5 don’t work :(), and a too-huge-for-my-pocket mobile bill, and veg puffs for breakfast, veg puffs for lunch and veg puffs for dinner for a whole month, I feel much more relaxed today. And I guess that is all that matters :D.


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  1. Wow. That’s quite a month. Stained glass painting, in particular, sounded like fun.
    Hmm, speaking of 3315s, did I tell you I got a new cover (and keypad) for mine? 😀

  2. Believe me , it was! As for the 3315, I am still mourning its loss, as my temp replacement has everything , but for ‘Snake 2’!!

  3. I feel your loss, DI. Snake kept me company on the way back yesterday from Bangalore. See, I took your advice again, and hopefully, you should hear less complaints from the *concerned party* from now on!

  4. Anonymous

    happening month?
    hey, totally happening month? looks like u had no time to be bored! 😉
    how was The Hungry Tide,btw?

  5. Anonymous

    A million different things ? Aww..come on.. cut the jokes…unless you meant the non-work part coz I am sure XL and Word put together do not have a million features…
    You guys finished second which means there was somoene better…now dont blame it on statistics…quality of talent is more important than quantity unless points were given even for participation.
    Enough of sounding boorish…now lemme try and be nice…
    a. how was The Hungry Tide ? Would you reco it ?
    b. Next March you can give me a stained painting for a Bday gift..they say that the work of some artists appreciates tremendously when they are no longer around…Mebbe this is one way i can leave behind a fortune for my future generations 🙂
    c. Seen Paheli ? Liked it ?
    – J

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