I love days like this. I mean days like yesterday and today. Especially days like yesterday. July 4th being an off for the states, almost all processes on the floor had on off yesterday. Well almost all, except for ours. But yesterday was very chilled out in terms of work. Only the risk team, with no restrictions on loud music, or for that matter anything. So all in all a free day. And then, today there is no work again as no deals were sent in yesterday, as it was an off for them. So another free day. And then, we get the Indian holidays while the other processes don’t, as their holidays coincide with the U.S. So am very happy…

Finally completed ‘The hungry tide’ yesterday. I am awful at any kind of reviews, so would just say that it was a decent read. Atleast didn’t feel like putting it down in the middle, and though there wasn’t this urge to complete it in one go, as was the case with quite a few books (say,’ The Da Vinci code’), it might have been because it wasn’t exactly the thrilling, masala, ‘full of unexpected twists’ kinda read. But then, it was definitely not boring, and not really philosophical either. Unless you are expected to understand the ‘deep embedded philosophy’ or whatever, which I most certainly don’t. Have started on the ‘Five point someone’ and that definitely is a total timepass, and does remind me of K :-(.

Lunch in office sucks. And it sucks so bad that I actually miss K food! So, I go for a daily dose of curd rice, which is abnormally diluted and at times kinda sweetened…. eeeyuch!! But then, atleast dinner has become a much better affair, what with me learning to cook ;-)… infact ended up preparing an entire meal, in the form of rice, rasam, and curry on Friday evening. And the end result was good (mind you ‘good’ and not ‘bearable’ or ‘acceptable’) food. There were obviously a few other consequences in the form of a burnt finger (was supposedly testing how hot the kadhai was before picking it up), and a slightly darkened bottom of the cooking vessel, and a messy kitchen, with all possible spices and extra vegetables strewn around. But then again, who cares, when I cooked! And that is something!

Hyderabad has an awesome weather still. It’s really breezy (infact windy) during the nights, and even with all the windows closed I don’t need the fan switched on, thanks to the huge hole in the wall for the AC. Slept comfortably for a long 9 hours yesterday night.

Salary got credited to the account yesterday, with a smaller goof up this time. Just that yet again, while everyone else had the money in his or her accounts on 30th evening, I ended up with a cheque, which meant another cashless weekend, but then I have no complaints, as an improvement, however small, is an improvement.

There is a scheduled Pizza party with the big boss who is coming to visit us today. Means I can’t leave on time yet again (haven’t done it even once till now, but still its fun making a big deal of it every time :-)).

There is nothing much to do, and there are quite a few useless things I can blog about, but feel too lazy even for that. Guess I should be leaving for a coffee break. Till then, Ciao…


5 thoughts on “

  1. Hey DI! Really chillout work for you.
    What!?! you learning to cook is a big deal. Me not intending to even after i shift.. hehe
    Salary are always a mess up man, I guess you do justice by making an issue about it. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    ..Hmmm… just started the same book today morning in the bus and am done with 38 pages but already seething with anger…Its a bag of lies, that book…No one gets a girl in the first year of engineering more so if you are in Mech / Chem…atleast I didn’t 😦
    – J

  3. Re: FPS…
    Oh puhleeeese!! Not necessary that everyone is as big a L as you!! :P:P….
    BTW, me finished the book, it was ok types!

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