Ok. I cant’ bear any more rains. True, I claim to love rains in general, and prefer a cloudy sky to the blazing sun any day, but, well, there is a limit to everything right? Every day, and I mean every day, at around 3 or 4, the place grows extremely dark, and in a few minutes it starts raining, rather pouring! And to be honest, it looks so beautiful, especially from my cubicle here, right next to the glass walls. But then comes the much more obvious consequence; 1. Major cab delays 2. A room full of water waiting to be mopped every half an hour. Too much!

Hmm… weekend’s here, yay! The best part about working long hours is that you never realize when the week ends… I love Saturdays. It’s like this beginning of a two-day long vacation, when I know, that the next day is free too. But that obviously means that I hate Sundays, and I do! Its like, ‘damn, its Monday tomorrow’. But then Monday is fine again, as it gets me closer to the next weekend… funny huh?

Harry Potter 6 releases tomorrow… and me going to The Odyssey to buy it, well that’s something to look forward to. Wonder, who Rowling plans to kill this time? (Kinda think it’s going to be Hagrid. But then, that’s what I thought last time, when she killed Sirius.) Doesn’t matter as long as Dumbledore stays, he makes the story seem so much safer!

Am watching Friends religiously, as usual. Just miss having all the episodes to watch and rewatch, and rewatch again on my desktop. Well, miss my desktop itself, and my I–tunes, and my music, and my wallpapers, and my screen savers, and yahoo messenger, and 24 hours net, everything!!!! Waaaaaah!!!!

A small change in my address in the records had resulted in me reaching home in almost half of the time I used to take earlier. Reason: I happen to live at this place called Ameerpet, which comes just before this place called Begumpet. And, I live at the end of ameerpet. Now since I mentioned Ameerpet in my address, they would put me in a cab with people from all over ameerpet, every possible corner of it, and as a result I was always the last to be dropped home. But now, I changed it to Begumpet, and so me is the first drop 🙂 in a cab full of Begumpetians, Yippee!!!

I am damn hungry, and bored. Guess I will go say hi to the boss now. Too much of rambling isn’t good for health …till then, ciao!

P.S.: Why do the smileys in MS word change to ‘J’s in LJ??

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  1. Hmm, I don’t want to alarm you, but the bookies are betting on Dumbledore heading for wizard heaven…
    Also, Ameerpet-Begumpet reminds me of summer hols in Hyd! Used to be regular at Bakers Inn, Panjagutta… still love the pies there.

  2. Am I glad I am seeing these comments today (i.e. monday!), after I finished reading the book….But am definitely not glad that what you guys said (or what the bookies said )abt Dumbledore was totally true
    :((…. Waaaahhh!!! (Ginny and Harry were cute though… *grin*)

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