Phew! So I am through with HP 6!

This was one weekend that I spent exactly how I had planned to. Starting with waking up on time (around 10) on Saturday, and then doing the most important deed of the day; buying Harry potter! Though I couldn’t read it the same day, thanks to my flat mates who told me that it was unacceptable that I gift a read book (actually bought the book for my sister), and so had to wait till one of them was done with her copy and then lent it to me on Sunday. Good in a way, am through with the book, and my sis’s gift stays brand new and untouched:)

Now about HP6. Well, I feel that the book can be titled the ‘mush special’ HP volume, what with the many ‘cutish’ crushes, and love stories continued or introduced in it. Not that I didn’t like it * grin*
Harry Ginny make a really cute pair, and those who don’t think so, might actually like them together after reading this particular volume. The Ron- Hermione relationship however didn’t show any visible improvement, though it’s become clearer that they will obviously end up together finally. Fleur and Bill, not that good, but obviously, after what Rowling did to their story in the end of the book, you have to really like them. Tonks – Lupin was kinda cute to (nice pair, should say).

As for the rest of it, I am still trying to get over Dumbledore’s death. That was so so so unfair! And especially, like I mentioned in the last update, he was who made the whole story feel safe. Rowling is a major sadist, killing Black and now Dumbledore! Poor Harry! Am sure they will twist the story somehow in the end and make Snape seem like a good guy, who probably killed Dumbledore, since he had no other option, or because it would effected Hrry otherwise, or something else of the sort. But that will NOT JUSTIFY HIM KILLING DUMBLEDORE EVER! And the scene when Dumbledore pleads for the first time …damn!!! I actually ended up crying (and if you feel that’s funny, pls go ahead and read the book, then you will know!). Introducing R.A.B. was definitely something, which will make me look forward to the next book. But that’s after I forgive Rowling for what she did this time.

On the whole, this book is much better than the last, should say, almost no comparison, cos the last book was more of a filler, an unnecessary volume, where nothing actually happened, and that’s I guess why she killed Sirius in the end, to get something worth remembering from the book.

Anyways, I am satisfied as for now, and am sure would have re-read this atleast another 2 to 3 times, before the next, and last (phew! No more waiting) book is released.

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  1. Don’t write Snape off yet. Dumbledore could still have been acting out the plea for mercy. Or even telling Snape to sacrifice him in order to get closer to Voldemort and prove his loyalty. He just said ‘Severus’, and that could have meant anything. And don’t forget that Snape was talented in occlumency, who knows what passed between Snape and Dumbledore that Harry, and in effect we, don’t know.
    I’m not sure this book holds up to some of the earlier one, a bit too mushy mushy for my tastes ;-). But then it takes all types to make a world. And it does set things up for an interesting climax.

  2. Hmmm… point noted, guess we can consider forgiving Snape, only and only if Dumbledore has been faking his death :-P… And true, if you compare it with say, Azkaban, obviously, it was almost nothing 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Dumbledore faking his death?…and returning as a spirit in HP 7?…reminds me of Ben Kenobi in Star Wars…:)…well, thr is still the link between Voldemort, HP and Neville (?)…hopefully thr wont be an “I am your father” equivalent in HP7..:P

  4. eeeeeyeww!! But I guess it would still be better than Dumbledore not being there to see the ‘Fall of the Dark Lord’:P… And yeah, I hope in the end its Neville who is the threat to Voldemort, and the one who kills him, that would be some ending to the Harry Potter series!
    You done with the book?

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