I feel so so sick! Have a horrid headache, my throat feels awful, I have been sniffling away since the morning, and all these symptoms mean a sure shot fever! And to think, I was gorging on this Oh-so-awesome, one foot long glass filled with chocolate milkshake, ice cream, and nuts , just last evening L ! Come to think of it, it could have been the reason for my condition right now! Damn it! Anyways, I better leave for home now, and have something hot (Soup maggi! Really, its amazing how everything circles back to K!)

5 thoughts on “Sigh!

  1. Soup is always the best cure for those sniffles. I’m surprised you managed to catch a cold in Hyd at this time of the year though; anyway, take care, and I hope soup is the road to a speedy recovery!

  2. Hmmmm….hile everyone else is sweating it out at Hyd…you manage to catch a cold….the A/C cabs must have been helpful. The best way to recovery from cold….more ice creams….at least you can say tht you enjoyed thru the trauma!!

  3. Required a whole packet of Knorr soup to actually feel a bit better! Anyway, the weather seems to change from hot and humid to cloudy and breezy to rainy in minutes, and I am sure thats got a lot to do with my condition right now!

  4. No beer bottles around, but I like the concept of making the cause, the cure, so probably will go get myself some more ice creams and cold coffees!:-))

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