Oh well, whatever!!

Today was a nice day to start with. The weather was decent, a bit too cold for my liking, but I had had a good night’s sleep, and was actually looking forward to going for work. So, as usual, I was in office at my usual login time. 11:30 A.M. And it was still a nice day. I had a few issues to handle, a few mails to respond to, and it was almost done by 1:30 PM, my usual time for lunch. And so I set off to have my usual lunch of Aloo Parathas. But when I reached the cafeteria, the guy who makes the stuff had not yet arrived. I was a bit disappointed, but thought ‘what the heck, will have something else today’, and ordered a Veg Hot Dog. After all, it was such a nice day!!


I settled down with the rest of the people, and took my first bite off the hot dog. So what it hardly had any filling in the corners, you can’t expect anything better from a Hot Dog bought from our Cafeteria right. And then, part of the filling fell off the hot dog onto my plate; thanks to the way I was holding it, the usual clumsy way. Didn’t really mind it, and took my second bite.


 Only then did I glance at the mess on the plate. And it was definitely not the usual stuff I ate. Very rudely, I spat the mouthful into the tissue, rushed to the counter, and asked the guy if he had actually given me what I had asked for. And he smiled, and said “ Yes Madam, that is a Chicken Hotdog”. L


And obviously, my next half an hour was spent in the washroom, trying to throw up all that I had actually chewed, swallowed or whatever, a la Madhavan of RHTDM. The most awesome part was when I went to the counter and asked the guy why he hadn’t been more careful, and he offered me my money back! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!


So here I am, typing this entry, and chewing on my 10th packet of mint for the day, to get that feeling out of my system. Though technically, I haven’t eaten non-veg, it was after all a chicken Hot Dog and took two bites off it! (And yeah, by the way, that was The end of the ‘Oh-so-nice’ day for me L)





19 thoughts on “Oh well, whatever!!

  1. Aaaah. The world is never safe for us veggie’s, is it?
    The cooks here follow the green-sticker-red-sticker system (which I had thought of five full years before it came into existence! I did! I did!).
    My only brush with fowl creatures happened when Pizza Corner delivered the wrong Pizza to my house. As Murphy would have it, they called and informed me only a full hour after I’d wolfed it down.
    Didn’t puke, didn’t scoff down mints. Just shrugged — it wont happen twice to me 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, not bad! I thought I was the only unfortunate one :-), anyways, the mint scoffing has stopped now, I had paani poori instead, and it make things much much better!

  3. Anonymous

    Reminds me…
    … of the bits of bacon in the garden salad that I thought were some new kind of vegetable
    … of the beef in the rice that I thought was soya
    … of the tuna sandwich I thought was hummus
    … of the chicken biryani that was served under the guise of vegetarian biryani
    The Thinking Runner

  4. Re: Reminds me…
    Wow! Not bad, u seem to have had more oppurtunities to actually face what I did yesterday! BTW, You still call ourself a vegetarian?

  5. Anonymous

    Re: Reminds me…
    Why not? It was unintentional every time it happened, an occupational hazard of living in a country where people are primarily meat-eaters.

  6. Anonymous

    You have me here
    Now now, i shud have thot that u will reach my blog some day 🙂
    Neway, I am doing gud and as I always say I am one of the luckiest people around. The luck seems to be continuing for the moment. Tell me whats up on ur side and I hope I will get an invitation.

  7. Re: You have me here
    Things are well not that fine. Will discuss it some other time! Yeah, atleast someones lucky!:-) Happy for you… and I am sure I will be the one recieving the invite first!!

  8. Anonymous

    Re: hahahaha!!
    aah well.. after what you did (or failed to do) to help me with my tambram quest, this was the least i could do. 😀

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