The month that was ( or break ke baad)

I had to post today. A month seems too long a break, and it is a month since I last posted.  So here goes!


Had an awesome Dusshehra break, what with my entire family together for the festival. Spent 9 days at home, hogging on good food, watching TV, sleeping, and catching up on all that had been happening back home and around.


Had an official trip to Vizag planned with the team for the coming weekend, which got cancelled, thanks to the rains, the floods, and a submerged airport. Positive side, it got replaced by a trip in mid November to Goa instead J


Preparation for the Intra company sports meet is on with full force. Though me not participating in any sport am handling the Throwball practice, thanks to the IIMK- IIMB meet.


At work, my team size has been increased by 50%, which means stretching more, and so, the day now officially ends at 9:30 PM, and unofficially, stretches for even longer! (Which for some reason isn’t that big a deal, as all I do after going home is watch TV, watch TV and watch more TV )


My company’s name has been officially changed, which means, well, for me it means, a purple official website, purple ID cards to replace the original yellow ones, and a purple T-shirt.


And realized from  

  ‘s recent post, that me too will be completing 6 months in the corporate world on the 15th of next month. Seriously, Phew!!



That’s it for now. Like I said, this was a forced post, as I couldn’t let my break from blogging exceed a month! So that’s definitely it for now.





9 thoughts on “The month that was ( or break ke baad)

  1. GENPACT, not GENEPACT:-)), and you are not the first one to tell me it sounds like a chemical company. Other opinions being ,’ A latin American Treaty’, ‘A Hardware store’ etc. Anyways, it stands fr ‘Generating Global Business Impact’!

  2. Anonymous

    Generating Global Business Impact or Generating Impact?..:p…coz the ‘Global Business Part does not seem to be reflected in the acronym…..:P…sounds nice tho – “I work for GENPACT” (sounds like “jump act”, btw….:D…)

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