Today’s Headlines..

‘Divya’s cupboard acts as home for new-born kittens. Again’

(And this time, there are three of them!! *Sigh*)


18 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines..

  1. Anonymous

    Wondering …
    … if they’re potty trained. A friend of mine has two cats, whenever they have to do their business, they get into this cat-litter enclosure, clean themselves, step out, and wipe their feet on a cloth. I find it quite amazing. Not fun when they run around and fight in the middle of the night, though. Can’t sleep.
    The Thinking Runner

  2. Re: Wondering …
    Well, I am sure none of them are going to stick around for long enough to get potty trained. And wouldn’t mind them running around if they get used to us though, as long as they keep their paws to themselves, and dont end up scratching me or something. Thats what freaks me out 😦

  3. Anonymous

    Ideas for Hire
    How about….176-167, 176-671, and 176-761 a la Beagle boys….or Huey, Duey and Luey… u want more ? send some money to ICICI acct no: 101019899
    – Jupe

  4. Re: Ideas for Hire
    He he. Nice try. But if you really want cash deposited in your account ( or for that matter , even a slight appreciation), you better improve the quality of your suggestions!!
    Anyways ,frankly, Huey-Duey-Luey not bad, esp. since the idea is for free 😛

  5. Anonymous

    Re: Wondering …
    These ones that my friend has, they really want your attention. They walk around your legs and rub against them, then drop to the floor on their backs and look up at you as if to say “Well, aren’t you going to pet me?”. As a guy, I do not like to use the “C” word, but I’ll say it, they’re (ugh) cute.

  6. Re: Wondering …
    Awwww… these ones are really cute too. Its 3 days,and the kittens have made themselves completely comfortable now. Their eyes are now open, and they keep roaming around within the confines of the shelf. Also, they are adorable clumsy, and keep falling over themselves or each other all the time!!!

  7. Re: Wondering …
    My kittens ( I have definitely adopted them now!) are more of the ‘Wally’ category. Really short fur and all. Though the furry ones are so much cutes generally! Have named them ‘Inky-Pinky-Ponky. Clicked a few pictures, but can’t seem to upload them..

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