I so hate this. I am hungry, and sleepy, and tired, and I am not even sure that the dinner I am supposed to go for will actually happen, as the restaurant guy might also get tired waiting for us, and close L. And I am so sure I will have to come to office early tomorrow. God, please help me!


I really needed to crib, and can find no one around who would understand, so what better way than this! Already feeling better J



Author: The Girl in Blue Jeans

Eh, seriously, what would you know from here that you wouldn't from the blog. Go back. Read!

11 thoughts on “”

  1. Your blog doesn’t seem to have the rich text mode!!! L actually shows asa sad smiley in my blog. J is a happy smiley! Why doesn’t it show in yours :-(???

  2. Heheh. It has nothing to do with the blog — maybe FireFox (the internet browser I’m using).
    I also get this error in the middle of your blog entry:

    Do what normal people do! Type your entries into notepad and then upload them 😛

  3. Well its ok, if you could explain it! (Don’t try if its too long an explanation, or if its something that I would anyways not get, or want to get!)

  4. A brief explanation
    There was a time when the G-top inmates began to refer to each other using a unique set of nicknames such as Iqbal, Abdullah, etc. Using ‘ji’ at the end of every sentence was a natural consequence of that phase! 🙂

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