Another long visit home, has left me somewhat depressed about getting back here. But, all good things must come to an end, and so did the holiday. So, I am back in my cubicle, trying to somehow, respond to, or atleast read, or actually at least click each mail, so that a read message is sent across to the sender.


Delhi was cold. And so Meerut was colder. Not really the Foggy, misty, you-cant-get-out-of-the-blanket cold, but colder than Hyderbad is at this time, or even will be by December, and definitely colder than K ever was. I have so totally lost touch with winter in general (and please, Hyderabad/Calicut winters don’t count. At all.)


So, about the cold. It was obvious. Right from when I landed in Delhi. And I was so not prepared for it, that I started my sneeze bout right away L. It over now, but the effects remain. So now I am sitting with a blocked nose, and horribly sore throat, and no voice. The croak that one hears everytime I try to speak cannot be termed as my voice. No No. *nodding vehemently*. It is too big an insult.


Having washed my hands off cooking everyday (we now have a cook, who hasn’t been cooking for the past few days, cos we haven’t refilled the groceries stock.), it’s back to my Maggi for brunch Maggi for dinner routine. Which is not that bad, as all my taste buds have stopped functioning, and maggi is probably the best thing for a cold. And Soup maggi’s even better.


So, all I wish for now is that I am better by the time we leave for Goa. (I am sure I have mentioned that before!!). And I am so glad, that I finally get to go there! J(and keeping in mind that it is an office-sponsored trip, the arrangements are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!). Couldn’t have asked for more. And then there is this trip planned for the campus hires… (Hey! We do work here! Yeah, me too!)


Anyways, that seems to be enough updates for today. Rest, when I don’t need to go cough-type-cough-cough-type. Till then, Ciao!


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