LJ Interests meme results

  1. arjun rampal:
    Well because he is so Goodlooking!
  2. bryan adams:
    Oh this one is old – because of ‘Everything I do – I do it for you’ and how that song means a lot to me!
  3. chatting on the phone:
    Cause that is an addiction!
  4. ddlj:
    Cause that is the one of the mushiest, most romantic, you-can-never-get-bored-of Bollywood flick.
  5. friends:
    Again, because, how many ever times you watch the series, you end up laughing even harder than you did the last time around.
  6. hugh grant:
    Sigh! Because of Notting Hill..
  7. lucky ali:
    Because he has this different, and very positively different voice, which make all his songs sound oh-so-nice!
  8. mltr:
    Because of ‘Complicated Heart’ and ‘I am not an Actor’ ( and this is getting boring)
  9. movies:
    What else would a vella person like me be interested in?
  10. music:
    Hmm… now thats some thing I cannot do without. And yeah, we now have ‘WORLD SPACE’ at home, so 24 hours non-stop radio!

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