20 Random facts about moi…

Ok. Here go my 20 really random facts!

1.      I was till class 10, one you could call a geek, a nerd or a bookworm. I was also class rep throughout school, and house captain in my 11th and 12th.

2.      The first time I went out for a movie with friends was in class 12, when I went for Sarfarosh.

3.      I  (rather my parents made me) attempted to learn classical music when I was 7. The attempts lasted exactly 4 days, post which my parents realized that I had been escaping classes by telling everyone that I wasn’t a student, but a student’s sibling, waiting for him to finish his class.

4.      I do not consume more than 2 glasses of water a day.

5.      I remember every detail of the first house I lived in, though we moved out when I was 4, and never visited it again.

6.      The first time I sang on stage was in class 2nd. I sang ‘Rudolf the red nosed reindeer’ and won 3rd prize for it.

7.      I have cut a cake on each of my birthday till date.

8.      I have been a die-hard Rahul Dravid fan since class 8. I collected his posters, postcards, articles about him, magazines featuring him, and even cutouts of the scorecards of matches he played, till class 12. After which I kinda got bored and gave up.

9.      I started traveling to school on a two-wheeler (a moped, then a scooty) from class 9 onwards, and had to ride 16 kms (both ways), on the Delhi-Hardwar highway for it.

10.  I have maintained a record of a minimum one accident per year; in the 7 years I frequently rode my two-wheeler. If not anything else, I would at least skid and fall without any reason, to make up for it.

11.  I had never caught a whiff of booze, or seen anyone drunk till I attended my first party at K.

12.  I hadn’t ever cooked anything except for maggi and tea till I came to Hyderabad 6 months back, and now I can cook a decent, eatable meal.

13.  I could not consume aerated drinks at all till college, and survived on maaza alone. Now I am a coke addict.

14.  I have ‘too talkative’ scribbled in the remarks section of all my report cards, from LKG to class 8.

15.  We got a cable connection in our house just 2 years back. So, I have watched only national and DD metro all through my school life.

16.  I was sure about my career as a doctor, and changed my mind mid way through class 10th, when I realized that I did not possibly have the guts to dissect a mouse, or a cockroach, and took commerce instead.

17.  I am the second shortest in my family, including first cousins, and relatives, with just one aunt slightly shorter than I am.

18.  I was initially named as Vidya by my grandmother. However, my dad felt that he was to decide on my name, and changed it to Divya instead.

19.  I am super-clumsy. I trip, fall, twist my ankle, drop things super frequently.

20.  I hate buses. Volvo, or no Volvo, air-conditioned or not, for 15 minutes or for 15 hours, I cant stand traveling in a bus. …



Author: The Girl in Blue Jeans

Eh, seriously, what would you know from here that you wouldn't from the blog. Go back. Read!

16 thoughts on “20 Random facts about moi…”

  1. just like that!
    Today i changed desk in office and came upon ur blog in favorites … just brwosed thru it .. and i must say it is really good .. best thing is that i can feel honest self comments in it ..
    keep writing..

  2. Re: just like that!
    Thanks a tonne!! 🙂
    came upon ur blog in favorites
    !!?!Must say, i am tremendously flattered!! Which office is this?

  3. #15 I watched DD throughout my school life too.. DD was good and the only means of entertainment in olden days…. say which ones were your favourite?
    #17 I would say the same for me but no aunt here 😛

  4. Hey!
    I came across your journal through another friends. Mind if I add you?
    I maintain a blog at Lj (or rather, I used to) but have now taken a sabbatical. Do look around sometime 🙂

  5. hi
    Hi Divya,
    Been somehow out of blogging for quite sometime now. Just returned to the virtual diary world. and guess what – have been in Hyd since the last 4.5 weeks adn here for another week – infact leaving on the 17th or 18th around. If possible do lets catch up – gimme a tickle @ 9885580816.
    A Confused Soul

  6. Hey there! I wish I was someone who got published in a newspaper! 🙂 I think you are confusing me with the CNN IBN person with the same name? That’s not me!
    Thanks anyway!

    1. Oh, is it? My mistake then. But this blog is definitely something I would keep coming back to, newspaper or not!

      Happy writing!

    1. Erm, guilty! Not out of choice 😦
      I guess that’s the point, I haven’t felt the need to cook as much, so I hardly do it anyway!

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