You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You’re a great thinker and a true philosopher.
You’d make a talented professor or writer.

This certainly doesn’t help my current mood in any way :-((

12 thoughts on “Huh???

  1. Anonymous

    hi again .. i got a MFA .. master of fine arts .. not sure what i m doing in this software field …
    Anyway my office is in a shanty town in UK .. Milton Keynes ..
    chalo see u later some time

  2. Anonymous

    Oh Vow!!!
    Well dunno about PhD for you – for me it came to be a lawyer(my nightmare revisited – my kundli(jadhagam) says I gotta become a lawyer) So now I wonder what it was.
    But then, forget the PhD, when’s the marriage? Just heard from someone about the wedding bells in the air for next year?????
    Pls do answer!!!

  3. Me got depressed when an arbit meme told me the career I should have opted for! And here you are , all armed with the right degrees, and in the software industry! Why dude, why?? 😦

  4. Re: Oh Vow!!!
    Ok, who is spreading all kinda arbit rumours about me? *looking around with an AK 47 in hand*
    Nothing right now *Sigh*, will let you know when anything materialises I guess!

  5. Anonymous

    Re: Oh Vow!!!
    Phew!!! That’s one angry tamil iyer gal!!! I am afraid!!!
    But then, happiness spreads on sharing right? So please do share about the telgu guy!!! (Am I right??? or am I wrong??? – Just guessing!!! you being in Hyd!!!)
    Spare the AK47 for me – else am buying a B-proff jacket today!!!
    A Confused Soul

  6. Re: divya==>Totally agree! Infact, for me, this blog happens to be the most convenient way to crib!
    Ok, all this while I believed cribbing meant complaining/whining etc. Somehow others never pointed out that it meant otherwise too. Now when I check, you are right, I so DO NOT crib!!! Thanks dude!:-)

  7. Re: divya==>Totally agree! Infact, for me, this blog happens to be the most convenient way to crib!
    Yeah??? Are you worse than I am?? Haven’t posted in ages!!! Anyways, thanks a tonne for the compliments :-D!! And no, wont crib!

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