Yay!! After really really long, I am actually very happy today! JJJ


Why am I happy? Well, its been the most hectic two weeks of my life, with the December Volumes being high, and the fact that there were a thousand events planned up. And at the end of it all, all turned out perfect! Much better than I could have hoped things could be!


After spending the last weekend in office preparing for the ‘Town hall’ (held every 6 months), we actually ended up winning most of the events and the Overall trophy!! All credit to my team, which I hadn’t even expected to turn up for the event, leave alone perform so well!! So, right now, I have this huge Cup right in front of me, in my cubicle, saying ‘ Best process’!! We Rock!


Then there is this Inter COE Western Folk Dance competition we had, which I had to arrange for in 2 days flat. And wonders, we actually had everything done in one day, choreography, practices, costumes, and the final dance!! And we won!!! And got enough points to come back up in the Top 3 COEs from nowhere. And on top of it all, me boss is damn happy, and even got an appreciation mail from my VP! I am sooo kicked!


And lastly, had an informal 6-month review with my boss, and it went off well.


And yeah, the fact that till Monday we are totally jobless, as today and Monday are US offs, and then I am off for 4 days for year-end, makes everything even more awesome! (And yeah, we get our salary this weekend itself, as a Christmas special J)


I seem to use this blog as my crib-log, and so I thought I would put in the few good things in too, so that it doesn’t seem like this hyper depressing life story, when I read it sometime in future!


So, till then, ciao!


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  1. Anonymous

    congrats for so many thing!! u had something of a xmas this time !! me not so lucky 😦 but the best thing for me is that i m moving to india next week 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hey nice to hear that. Congrats on the gifts for this new season!!!
    ME – didn’t have any monthly pressures this time. Had been through relocation and now, gotten hyd for the next six-eight months. Though initially not so enthusiastic, looking at the alternatives that my fellow trainees got – Aurangabad, SOlapur, Chennai upcountry, Kolkatta, Barielly, North Guj – Hyderabad seems heaven!!! Life lives on relativity.
    Now, the next tension is on which I had read your blog for the first time – you searching for a house!!! That looms large in front of me – have to get something kicked off soon. If youstill got any contacts with brokers – do help out.
    A Confused Soul

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