Happy New Year!!

So another year has come to an end. And the idea of starting a new one with a recap of the posts from the last year (idea completely whacked from ggollerkeri is actually kinda interesting. So here’s bidding 2005 an official, LJ goodbye!

January:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Am pretty late, but then didn’t have access to real fast net for the past few days.

February: If you look out of my balcony, all that is visible are hills stretching across endlessly. 

March: My last night on campus, And here I am in my room, listening to my music collection, blogging and munching on Cadbury’s Celebrations ‘Raisin Magic’. 

April: Am back again, and I really have no clue as to for how long…Its just that, today for a change I felt like blogging again. 

May: Ok, if I were to find words, which would aptly describe my present mood, they would be ranging from irritated, angry, upset, to sick and frustrated.

June: It’s a lazy afternoon and after almost a 9-hour long sleep yesterday night, I still feel really lazy and drowsy, yes it’s back to normal now.

July: I love days like this. I mean days like yesterday and today.

August: Once upon a time, there was a very cute cat called Momma cat.

September: The journey from office to home each night, especially if its after 11, because the roads are not crowded, the weather is awesome, and I know that I have the quite some time before I get back to work.

October: I had to post today.

November: Another long visit home, has left me somewhat depressed about getting back here.

December: Ok, So here go my 20 really random facts!!

So, with that ended 2005! 
And here’s wishing that 2006 is all the good stuff 2005 was, and much more!!



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