We finally found a video library near our place. Not exactly near near, but around a 15 minute walk one way, and right next to my old college. But seriously, it’s been so worth it, especially since we had been pretty disillusioned by the fact that we were so unable find one before. Which is damn weird considering we stay right in the centre if the city.


Getting back to the basic fact, we wasted no time in taking a membership, and obviously, wasted not one day of the past two weekends. And ended up watching a bulk of movies.


 Started with Apaharan, because A wanted to watch it. Seriously, whatever the critics say, I simply cannot get myself to watch a 3 hour long movie full of gore, extremely serious dialogues, absolutely no comedy, and no songs. So, after going deeper and deeper into depression after every passing minute, when the bad guy died in the end, life seemed better.


Thankfully, some good sense made me borrow Madagascar the same day, and things became much better after watching that. Though not in the same league as Shrek, Ice Age, or Monsters Inc (totally my opinion), it was a refreshing movie, and intensified my love for animated flicks.


The next in line was Ek Ajnabee, and the only thing I could be thankful about when it ended was that I hadn’t got tickets for it in Imax. Cos here I could at least forward stuff. The Indian version of ‘Man on Fire’ seemed to have tried to hard to be Hollywoodish, and some ended up being this utterly senseless mess. And no, even Arjun Rampal couldn’t get it my points.


Borrowed Bluff master along with Shall we Dance, a Richard Gere flick next. No reviews (or rather opinions) about Bluff master, as we did not go beyond the first 15 minutes. And this was when all three people watching the movie, are the typical ‘Abhishek is sooooo cute!’ women. But surprisingly, none of us actually had an inclination to watch this movie, and so we shifted to the other one. And that was cute!! Richard Gere, loads of mush, and quite a bit of ballroom dancing thrown in, what else could one ask for.


So, the next time we went to borrow movies, special emphasis was laid on the fact that atleats one of the movies had to be a mushy flick, so that it would offset any bad experience we might have with the other movies. The combination this time was Never been kissed (which would be are-watch for everyone), and Charlie and the chocolate factory (my choice, as I loved the book as a kid, and wanted to see the movie now). The good part was while the former was as cute as always, the latter did full justice to the book. And for those who have read the book, it actually added an additional aspect in the form of Willy Wonka’s childhood.


The last batch of movies watched were, the critically acclaimed and nominated for all possible awards, ‘Hazaaron Khwaahishen Aisi’ and another never heard of ‘Thirteen going on Thirty’.

And the verdict is ‘I did not like HKA one bit’. I do not know why in the name of ‘realistic’ cinema, they have to make such highly disturbing movies in the first place. And all this after I got a feedback that this was an awesome portrayal of the 70s, was a very well made love story etc etc. If I wanted to watch so much ‘reality’, I would rather go watch some news channel I guess.


Thirteen, going on thirty was fairy tale cute. And very much my kinda movie. So, again I had a movie to put my mood right after something I would have rather not watched.


So that was the movie summarization for the last two weeks. The list for the next week includes Iqbal, and Ice Princess. And if there are any worth watching movies (with happy endings please) or really timepass romantic flicks, well known or not, do suggest!!


Till then, Ciao!

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  1. Anonymous

    iyer education
    lotsa movies for 2 weekends… must be a big time buff to be able to see all of them in 2 weekends… i didnt find bluffmaster all that pathetic… not too good too… have u seen king kong… if not… pls add it to your “must see” list… its amazing…
    nice and clean place you have here 🙂

  2. Re: iyer education
    Danke :-)! Not watching Bluffmaster had a lot to do with the video quality also actually, pirated cd n all… and even though you aren’t the first person to have recommended King Kong, I always had my owndoubts about it!:-)….anyways, added to the list…

  3. Anonymous

    J says
    Reactions to some of your observations:
    Apaharan: Gritty – yes, not recommended fare for mushy kids – yes, bad movie – NO.. Tabrez Alam rocked
    Madagascar – me loved the penguins… and David Schwimmers voice over..
    Ek Ajnabee – the litta kid was sweet and thats the most charitable thing i can say abt the movie.. totally agree with u
    Bluffmaster – see it in a hall and see it for Riteish and Nana Patekar… Abhishek who ?? 😉
    Shall we dance – eeeeeks… J lo… eeeekss
    Never Been Kissed, 13 going on 30 – NO COMMENTS
    Charlie – hmm, now thats a movie which has got both ayes and nos from my pals.. i will do exactly the opp of wot u say so wots ur reco 😉
    HKA – translate ‘donkey’ and ‘camphor’ to Tam and u get a proverb which is my reply 🙂
    If mush is a must, then Before sunrise and Before sunset are must-see….Iqbal is classy and if you get Tam movies, chk out Arindhum Ariyamalum and Kanda Naal Muthal – refreshingly different fare !

  4. Re: J says
    Apaharan: Wotever!
    Madagascar : Well, ok, I agree..
    Ek Ajnabee : Naaah!Even the kid got boring after a while
    Bluffmaster : Riteish Who?
    Shall we dance: Watch it for Richard Gere! Jlo’s hardly there!!
    Never Been kissed, 13 going on 30 : *Sigh*
    Charlie : No reco from me 😛
    Thanks for the recos anyways :-D, will crib about your bad taste later!

  5. Re: J says
    Hey Divya, so watching lotta movies? I liked Apaharan yaar.. You can blame it on the taste of someone who liked ‘Neal n Nikki’ also.. 😀 Neways, Kingkong is a good movie, me went to the movie with a fren thinking it would be a kids movie, but decent storyline and graphics.. never gets boring.. but watch it in a theatre.. and never ever watch this movie called ‘Home Delivery’ tottal yakk movie… it did deliver me home during the interval…

  6. Re: J says
    Heyy! Welcome back to LJ. Accessible from new office….:-)?
    I was actually going to watch Home delivery, but then it was coming on Sahara one the other day, so didn’t get it. It has to be bad to be shown on TV so soon! And about King kong, all my doubts are clarified…am surely going for it!

  7. Apharan:Good Movie…boring ending…Nana Patekar ROCKED!!!
    Tht is the only movie I have seen out of ur list.
    Ek Ajnabee: Not interesed in rip offs esp. if the source itself is bad.
    Charlie: wanna watch it…how was Johnny Depp??
    Some of the movies listed are so god damn pansy…Wht is it with you…I thought you were the ultimate tomboy…and this is wht you see..
    My recos are: Saw (sure you have not watched it)
    Oldboy (Zinda is its remake….dun even think abt watching Zinda….ripoffs suck…even if they star Sanju baba)
    And yes…wht is wrong with Srini boy….he liked Neel and Nikki??!!

  8. Anonymous

    pansy???….ROFL..thts an insult for the ‘ultimate tomboy’..:P
    Had to choose between Apharan and Home Delivery , and decided on Home Delivery, just because of Ayesha Takia..:(…not surprised tht it is gonna be telecasted soon on TV, its tht bad…(except for Ms Takia, of course..)
    and Before Sunrise and its sequel are incredibly horribly mushy..so u shud watch them..:P.have u seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?..

  9. Re: J says
    Good for you! (about the LJ)… But Neal n Nikki!!! I saw the movie too, my room mate left the hall during the interval, but I sat back just because I paid for the tickets.. and it was badddd!!!

  10. Ok! Enough Already!!
    Mhatre: These have been the kind of movies I have been watching, and have loved watchign all my life :-(….!!! Mush is a must!!!! Also, You recommend SAW??? When I say that I CANNOT stand gore? That is being sadistic… and about Old boy, heard its a highly disturbing movie…. what is wrong with you???
    Suraj: Home Delivery was telecast last sunday afternoon! So you can imagine how sad it is 🙂 Seen ‘Eternal sunshine’….*sigh*, now that was a good movie!

  11. Re: Ok! Enough Already!!
    Life is a bore without some gore!! Wht is wrong with some bloodletting, bonecrunching, decapithating, mindless action??
    The climax scene of Saw where Jigsaw gets up is bound to be one of the best pictured “twist” scene.
    As for Oldboy, just read the story in Wikipedia. It is stunning. And I still stand by my belief of noot seeing Zinda.
    OK some Mush recos: Sound of Music, 7 brides for 7 brothers, Come September, My Fair Lady, Casablanca, etc. In short the classic oldies which though mushy were actually a little sensible.
    Now dun call me a sadistic.

  12. Anonymous

    Re: Ok! Enough Already!!
    Visited your blog after quite some time…which video library did u find out? if it was not Frisby….watch out for that …its in sindhi colony…the biggest collection in hyd and cool one too…

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