Quite some time till I posted my oh-so-personal comments about the movies I watched on Weekends. And somehow, I haven’t visited the video library again. And all my weekends (actually just 3 if them) have been extra busy.

Weekend 1 was spent at Habib’s. Finally, finally, I mustered enough guts to get my hair straightened. And well, the results haven’t been very bad. I have actually managed to get rid of the curls, and frizz, which at K, reminded people of ‘Monica at Barbados’, or a nest, or most creatively, ‘water gushing out of a broken pipe’. And they are supposed to stay that way for 6-8 months, post which I need to decide if I am actually interested in burning a hole in my pocket again L. And I wasn’t allowed to tie up my hair for the next two days, and that is something, which is impossible, so stayed at home, watching loads of TV. (And yeah BTW, *Phbbbt* to people who met me after this and didn’t notice it)

Weekend 2 was probably the most pre-planned weekend ever. The trip to K finally happened. And it was very much worth it. The campus, the view from the campus, the SSG fete, and the party, all brought back amazing memories. Everything actually went on as planned, right from the train journey to Bangalore, the sleeper ride to K, the stay at the hostel, and even the Sumo ride back from K, which actually turned out to be ‘more-than-expected’ comfortable!

 Weekend 3, which was the last weekend, was spent checking out the new house, we might be shifting into (Long story: Pure-veg flat-mate thinks, non-veg flat-mate not sticking to her promise of not bringing non-veg stuff home, and especially, not using any of the common plates and spoons. Non-veg flat-mate feels, that Pure-veg flat-mate is being too unfair, as she does that only when boy-friend is in town, which is like every alternate weekend, so finally, I am moving out with Pure veg flat-mate, as the latter has another friend who will move in to give her company, and I don’t have any more strength to convince either of them. Long story over.) Then, the rest of the time was spent checking out the awesome clearance sales at all the major malls in the city J and watching ‘Rang De Basanti’ buying tickets in black, at 4 times their original cost. No complaints. It was worth it. (Justification being, if I could watch Bunty Babli with tickets in black, RDB is completely acceptable!)

 So, those were the updates from life in general. Client is on a visit to Mexico, so no meetings, no presentations, and no calls. Life simply rocks J!


12 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. You had curly hair?? 2 yrs in the same insti., and now I realize!!
    Still, one more house broken because of the veg non-veg thing. Makes me think: why the hell I fall only for veggies

  2. Anonymous

    Something tells me that your weekend 2 was a lot more fun than wot is written above but, for the life for me, I cant remember why …
    ps: Photos will be sent soon..Hows life otherwise brat…

  3. Oh yeah.. Monica at Barbados.. try curling it up every now and then to get the old look back.. neways yeah Sumo was really really uncomfortable.. of course Shekhar Saab did entertain us…

  4. Anonymous

    Like your blog. Almost feels as if I am intruding in some private fraternity of IIMK-ites, but what the hell! At least its the broader IIM fraternity. 🙂
    Keep writing!

  5. Re: Interesting
    Thanks sir! But then like I said, nothing here is ever going to be informative, or for that matter value-adding, its purely a vent to let out whatever i feel! Also, about the IIMK fraternity thing, thats because, this did start as one. But like you said, its the broader IIM fraternity after all :-)… keep visiting!

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