Updates: No we couldn’t move into the Oh-so-pretty house we had checked out the week, I wrote my last blog entry. And more importantly, purely on the assumption that we would infact have moved out by now, our replacements in our present place of residence have arrived. Bag and baggage.


Immediate repercussions: One of them would rather shift into a single room, the reason being she’s too tired, exhausted, and would rather shift into a single room immediately, so that she can relax (or wotever!!!!), and so, my entire weekend is spent clearing out one of the cupboards, for pure-veg-flatmate to move in. And now, my extremely pretty, airy, bright, and spacious room, has been converted into a railway platform miniature.


Plan of action: To find another house ASAP. Wanted, a two BHK, somewhere in Begumpet which is equi-distant from both our offices; not too far from the main road, or else it would be difficult to catch the shuttle to work everyday; and with cupboards / shelves please. But apparently, such places don’t exist.


Current situation: Status quo. After two days of following the broker chap, to the sidiest of localities, the dingiest of apartments, and the stinkiest of roads, we still don’t have a place to move into L.


Other than this, life has been busy, yet good. I mean, you would obviously be expected to stretch and complete all the pending work, if you are just back from an awesome 9 day vacation at home, wouldn’t you? So, no complaints there.


Also, very much looking forward to the visit to Jim Corbet national Park in Uttaranchal, the weekend after next. Yup! The campus recruits offsite is finally happening!


That’s about it I guess, and think its actually not so bad. Except for probably the house hunt. But I have found out this totally effective method of drowning my sorrows, frustrations, etc. Paani – poori. I seem to be consuming enormous amounts of those whenever I get a chance. So much so, I think I am going to write a post about this wonderful piece of culinary art. Some other time though. Probably, when I have a place to live in peacefully again. *Sigh*



7 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. Anonymous

    Housing blues
    Good luck finding a place. I can empathize with you, I’ve been through this entire rigmarole and I absolutely hated it. That’s why I’ve stayed put in my current apartment for almost three years now – it’s barely liveable, but I’m going to stick it out until I finish grad school.

  2. Re: Housing blues
    Thanks. Need all the luck in the world! Even today was wasted, couldn’t find a place. Lets see, something should work out soon 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Re: Housing blues
    atleast u folks have to find a house … i m moving every two weeks here and there …living in hotels and guest houses .. bored and sick of it .. living out of suitcases ..

  4. Re: Housing blues
    Yipee! Found a house! And a really nice one at that! As for living in hotels, and guesthouses…. its awesome not to have to worry about cooking n all! My time in the Gurgaon gueshouse was just the best!

  5. Re: Housing blues
    Wow! Duct tape holds back a leaking roof? I had a horrid time last year, my whole room was flooded with water, which was trickling down from every possible wall… even the cupboards were soakin wet …. It was a nightmare!! Actually another good reason for me to moving out before the rains start.

  6. Anonymous

    Re: Housing blues
    It’s a small leak, and the duct tape is heavy duty. I hope the landlord does something about it soon. Luckily, it hardly ever rains here. Your place sounds pretty bad, but to join the ugly club,
    1) the “pot” should’ve overflowed atleast once,
    2) there should have been atleast one rodent infestation, and
    3) the landlord only returns phone calls when he chooses to.
    Just bad, or real ugly?

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