It’s 2 years!

Well! Well! Well!

Here’s wishing my dearest blog a very happy second anniversary!


Yup. I have actually managed to keep this journal up and running for two whole years now, and yes, I have surprised myself by doing so. And considering, how easily I get bored and frustrated with anything that requires even a little bit of my patience ( believe me, I don’t have enough to spare), this is an achievement in itself!


The sole reason I had started this account in the first place, was to, well crib about life during my summers in Gurgaon, and keep all my  friends at K updated about what was happening in general. Starting with the common IIMK blog, a personal blog seemed to look more and more conducive, as my posts just got longer and longer. And this was the best way to get whatever I felt across, whether it was about my summers guide, the movies I saw, our mean PG lady, my first attempts at cooking, or the horrid power-cuts in Gurgaon.


It proved to be fun. And very interesting. But I was still unsure whether I would keep going once I got back to campus, and then again when I started working. But I did. And here I am, still cribbing, and maintaining a record of all that I think is worth recording and at the same time making new friends, and keeping in touch with more friends than I could have otherwise.


And today, two years, and 125 posts later, I just hope that I am able to continue J the same way!

10 thoughts on “It’s 2 years!

  1. Thanks Thanks :-), and unless there is a huge miracle, and I actually stop cribbing altogether, this journal is bound to continue :-))!

  2. Have I been ‘that’ infrequent? *sigh*, blame it on my laziness! But lets see, the third year on LJ might end up being more active :-).

  3. I so remember you were the one who was against me writing senti posts! Anyways :-), will resume once I get something , as worthy as K to get all nostalgic about!

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