Lessons learnt today:

Today seems to be one of those very rare days, when you get quite a bit to learn from life! So here go my learnings for the day!

·        Cutting down on the Coke stock at home doesn’t help. You might have to prepare fresh lemonade at 2 am the morning to escape the heat and thirst. In all probability, you might not be completely conscious, and might end up cutting your finger (real bad) along with the lemon.


·        Forget about going to work by the 12 PM shuttle. It’s ok to stretch, but not ok to step out in the Hyderabad sun at noon, even if it means spending more hours in office.



·        If you are of the habit of removing your glasses from time to time, make sure that you check the contents of the case before putting it in your bag while going home. Chances are, the glasses are not in it, and you are obviously not getting them back the next day.


·        Do not start reading a book, especially if it is a thriller, at 1 AM in the night. You will not put it down before 4, even if you know you have to wake up at 8 the next morning, thanks to the usual power-cut.  And then, you will be sleepy all through the next day, and crib unnecessarily about headaches.


·        If you are bored of Himesh Reshammiya’s music, do not switch to MTV or V channel, at any hour of the day. Doesn’t matter, he would be all you are going to get to listen to, and you will end up cribbing yet again.

                                          Phew! Must say, that was quite a lot for one day!:-(


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