Of music from Parineeta and other unrelated stuff…

The songs from Parineeta are actually exceptionally good. Obviously, one tends to love Piyu Bole instantly. But the other songs deserve a special mention too. Especially, since each of them have perfect music and lyrics, which make them masterpieces in their own sense. I especially like Soona man ka aangan, and Sonu Nigam as always, does full justice to the emotion the song tends to express (Unlike Mr. Udit Narayan, who I feel, has a perennial smile while he records any song, and that kinda reflects in the end product). But then I might be exaggerating, and can go up to the extent of saying that the only male playback singer ever; who can be said to be better than Sonu Nigam is Kishore Kumar. Strictly a personal opinion though!


It’s a pretty comfortable day at work today. And since keeping MP3s on systems are considered integrity violation now, there is less music to be heard. But then, luckily caught hold of an mp3 player, and am listening to Parineeta now, and hence the realization about how awesome its songs are J


Weekend’s here again, proving that time really does fly. On 16th, I complete an year at work. And that’s huge! No wonder the 2 years at K passed in a flash L. Underwent another bout of nostalgia today, as I ended up browsing through the earlier posts on ggollerkeri’s blog, after posting his Birthday wishes. If only I would get a chance, I would rewind time by 3 whole years, and relive every moment again. The alumni meet in Hyderabad is scheduled to happen in a week’s time, and I don’t know if I would be going. Its just not the same until a decent number from our batch turns up. And Hyderabad doesn’t really have many people from the 2005 batch.


Am done rambling, and the music’c shifted from Parineeta to Pukaar, and yeah, the songs of Pukaar (especially Sunta hai mera khuda) are pretty decent too. Till then, Ciao.


9 thoughts on “Of music from Parineeta and other unrelated stuff…

  1. Ah, a trip down Nostalgia Lane is well and good, but I’m sure you’re enjoying the present a lot too? Also, we only remember the good times in the past, don’t we, and focus more on the not-so-great times of the present.
    Anyway, one year at work is a significant milestone, so congratulations (in advance) on that!

  2. True :-), If I think back now, not a single thing in the past seems to have as been bad, or irritating, as everything is, or seems to be right now :-)), which obviously is ridiculous! But then, in a peculiar way, its nice to think of the past that way!:-)

  3. Anonymous

    read ur blog after quite some time …and incidently i have also moved to the biryani city of hydbad ..
    Amit M

  4. Re: hi
    :-)), you will get used to it, and am sure things aren’t as bad as in my case, where you leave , or rather have an option to leave for work arnd noon, thats like the worst possible nightmare!

  5. Anonymous

    Re: hi
    yep i am starting to get used to it …dont tell that things are bad at ur end …u r an MBA graduate …that too from IIM .. must be pushing some poor engineers to work daily …:)

  6. Good observation Holmes! 🙂 However, I do not claim to have an error free blog out here. You can actually expect more than the usual share of typos on this site, and I am thinking this could be one of them 🙂

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