I desperately need an Internet connection at home. For that I obviously need a PC, and so I have decided to buy myself a laptop. No, the company hasn’t given me one, and even if it does, there are too may restrictions on storing music, downloading stuff etc on it, and I have no intentions of working from home.


So, I need a laptop for myself. But my technologically challenged brain, and the fact that I have a budget of not more than 50k (inclusive of a decent OS please, not spending another 6k for installing XP), has made it impossible for me to decide on any brand/model or whatever. My requirements are simple, I am doing nothing more than watch movies, listen to music, surf the net, chat on messenger and play games on this. And yes, I need a laptop for all this.


So request anyone who sees this, and has a clue about what I should go for, please put in his or her extremely valuable suggestions. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!


30 thoughts on “Help!

  1. You’re bent on getting a lappy?
    There are decent offerings from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and others which might fit into your budget. Would suggest pulling out names of relatives either in or going to the Middle East and Singapore.
    If you’re not gonna be lugging it from home to work everyday — would strongly suggest an assembled desktop. You can get three of those in your budget! Yeah — you can work in a flat screen monitor to give you that “laptop” feel 😀

  2. That was quick :-), Thanks! I know a desktop would be much more economical, but I so want to get myself a laptop, even if it is for the silliest use :-(, lets see anyways!

  3. Bulk deal
    If you want to buy a laptop for cheap, and are willing to wait a month or so for it, then you can ask one of the juniors at IIMK to include you in the bulk deal they negotiate with IBM or Dell for the incoming batch.
    As far as i know, the PGP10 batch will be joining on June 11th. And the senior SCon should be helping them negotiate the deal.
    As you are aware, the offers are really good at IIMK. The last i heard, the laptops were going for less than 50K (including Windows XP installation and 3 year warranty).
    The only hitch is the wait period.
    Think about it 🙂

  4. Re: J recommends….
    Hey! Look who is back 🙂 and I am concentrating on welcoming you back, and not on your weird suggestion/advice, which is I guess a good thing for you ! Call when free, I wont be disturbing you 😉

  5. Re: Bulk deal
    my colleague recently got a Lenovo lappy (3000N series) for 58K.
    512MB RAM
    Centrino Dual Processor
    Built-in webcam
    XP Home
    … suits more than playing game.
    but ideal is to wait for 1/1.5 months – get the deal made from IIMK new batch.

  6. Anonymous

    My two cents
    I can tell you what *not* to get – Compaq and HP – horrendous hard disks, display cards and cooling systems. Even Dell isn’t that great. Toshiba/Acer/Sony (VAIO)/Lenovo (erstwhile IBM Thinkpad) may be your best bet. Macs are cute if you’re willing to pay the premium. Don’t have any clue as to how much these things cost in India, though. If you want to watch movies, though, I’d recommend a slim desktop with a 19-21″ screen – not much fun watching ’em on a 15″ laptop screen.

  7. Re: My two cents
    😦 😦 :-(, all this when I had almost decided on a compaq Presario/HP pavillion! Toshiba – heard there are issues with the service and all, Acer – I dont know, Sony – expensive!!! , Lenono seems the best option…

  8. Anonymous

    Re: My two cents
    I have a Compaq Presario 2580US (about 2.5 years old). The fan is *always* on and makes a terrible noise. The hard disk is pretty slow. The less said about the display card, the better – there’s this annoying, weird, green flicker that really gets on my nerves. I know another guy who had issues with his HP as well.

  9. Anonymous

    Re: My two cents
    acer is decent if u only want for music and browsing net etc .. i have at home .. no issues so far .. it is cheaper than toshiba/sony … sony a defintite no no .. not worth the money u pay .. just for elegant looks..

  10. Anonymous

    wanna go mobile?
    use toshiba ..
    wanna go mobile cheap?
    go for acer..
    wanna go mobile in style?
    go for dell..
    the rest is for u to decide..
    wanna blog & chat use a khali PC..
    with a good display card & 1Gb ram for
    dont for for nothing less than 3.2Giga intel..

  11. Re: My two cents
    Didn’t go for Compaq finally, checked out all possible models and inspite of all warningswent for a HP, its damn sexy, and I hope it doesn’t give me issues :-(, lenovo was out of budget, much much more, all basic stuff included!

  12. Re: why stick with corporate monopolies!?
    Yeah. As if with my limited knowledge abt anything with any technical concept involved, I would venture beyond the oh-so-obvious brands/names!

  13. Anonymous

    Re: Congrats
    Yeah was based out of Warangal. Now have gotten confirmed to be in this unit!!! Would be based out of hyderabad in all probablities handling some upcountry parts!!!
    So dunno the exact territory per se, but then gonna be under the same boss. Dunno whether good for me or bad. Let’s see.
    How are things otherwise? Do keep posting.
    A Confused Soul

  14. Anonymous

    Possibly because hardly anyone looks at that Blogger profile page. BTW, I came across you on Orkut in the “Iyers” community, you seem to have a sizeable fan following 🙂

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