Yup… am alive!!

Now that was the longest break I took from blogging! Managed two whole months! Anwyays, am back now, and to update, am typing away on my pretty , not-so-new laptop which I had been considering buying in my last post. So I did finally buy one, an HP Pavillion, about a month and a half back. And then got myself a broadband internet connection at home. Considering, it had been quite sometime since I had used my all time favorite messenger, or checked mails the same day they were sent, there was hardly anytime to update my poor blog ( except in office, which suddenly became pretty hectic too. I know, unbelieveable, but so true!)

So am back for good now. Getting back to the updates, had been to Ranikhet ( an awesome hillstation in Uttaranchal) on yet another offsite. Was awesome, and had a great time trying out Rock climbing, Rappeling etc etc. ( well it was only rock climbing and rappeling but the ‘ëtc.” makes it sound more interesting). And then it was time for the week long vacation at home, which was obviously spent the usual way, eating, sleeping, watching movies, eating, sleeping.

Hyderabad has had awesome weather recently. I mean, its a little on the extreme right now, with too much rains and all, but all in all, its pretty nice. Infact, right now, the whole setting is awesome. Its almost like the good old K days. Am up at this hour, and am blogging, listening to music, and its raining outside. Yeah, there is this additional cup of hot tea, which I would had to goto the Night Canteen at K for, but thats like a bonus. Also, I am in this unusual happy mood 🙂 *Sigh!*

Actually, its pretty sad, two whole months, i still dont have anything to write about. But thats probably cause of this ‘happy’ mood I am in, that I am unable to find anything to complain about. Good actually, I would rather stay this way, than have stuff to complain about just so that my blog becomes more regular.

 Also, now I realise I am rambling, just for the heck of it. I would better stop, and request the reader to consider this as an update, and not go by the content only and scrap it. Will try to get something more useful/informative in the next post ( ROTFL, like thats possible!!!!).

Till then, Ciao!


7 thoughts on “Yup… am alive!!

  1. Anonymous

    it is addictive
    i really dont get really time 2 blog and i spent more time reading blogs than posting on myblog,having really hard time making my blog survive…

  2. Re: it is addictive
    Totally understand, same here…. thats what I end up doing most of the time these days… checking others’ blogs and not updating my own!

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