Here I am!

I am in front of my system. Its really sunny outside, and the blinds are not helping in anyway, and the sunrays are somehow able to direct themselves exactly on my face. And its damn irritating. Anyways, that can’t be helped I guess. And other than this, my seat in office is pretty good. I have actually been one of the most mobile people at work. And every time, the mobility had nothing to do with my comfort or me.


In the initial 7 months, I had the perfect cubicle in office. Right next to the glass walls. Though the second floor height doesn’t really make it exotic, and neither does the fact that there are two huge buildings right in front of ours, its still a pretty decent view. You get to see how certain people get enough time to laze around on the pretty lawns, which unfortunately your building doesn’t have, for hours at a stretch. You get to decide whether you want the blinds drawn or not. Also, you are the first to know when each batch of cabs leaves, and inform the poor souls running unnecessarily, still hoping to catch their cab, that its actually of no use.


Moreover, you appreciate the place of seating even more during the rainy season. The weather is just too pretty, and so is the view of raindrops on the glass walls. Sitting inside, one can stare at it for hours, and wonder. About lots of things, ranging from ‘ oh-my-now-that’s-the-beauty-of-nature’ to ‘man-today-cabs are-going-to-be-delayed’ to ‘can-everyone-make-out-that-I-am-jobless?’ and so on. So, it’s actually a luxury. Except on days when it is too sunny outside. Like today. The only issue was our ‘seat utilization’ or ‘SU’ concept, wherein, work on no work, call or no call, I had to vacate the place exactly at 8 PM each day, when my SU partner would arrive. Nonetheless, it was a perfect cubicle.


But as luck would have it, I was moved (I am being polite, I was practically thrown) to the dialer port. And I hated it. For quite a few reasons infact. One, its like this stage, and anyone can see you from any where in the office, so you cant be on the phone all the time. Also, the system is placed in a weird way, almost on its back, with the screen staring upwards. And the team sits a kilometer away, and you end spending half the day walking back and forth. In short, the place is painful. But I wasn’t really given a choice. Thankfully, the adjusting soul that I am, I actually managed to get used to the place. Infact, I started really liking it too, mainly because of the 4 other ‘banished from the floor’ souls, who ended up being very interesting company. Also, there was no one who wanted to use the place, and hence I did not have to move by 8 PM.


 But then, the fact that I actually got used to the place didn’t seem to be a good thing, and I was asked to move. Yeah, again. This time to a port, right opposite to my earlier cubicle. And no, the idea didn’t appeal one bit. But I was given the perk of being the only one to use the port. And so, I shifted. Not that I wouldn’t have otherwise, but this gave me the psychological satisfaction of not being that big a loser.


So here I am. And it’s almost 6 months since I am here. And it’s like a personal space. With me being the only one to use the system. Having a dial comm., and a telephone whose numbers show only on my details in the address book. With no one to remove the IIMK calendar, my daily quotes, and my name plate from the desk. No one to crib when I leave my coffee cups on the table and leave for the day. And yeah, no one to claim one of the two drawers in the locker too.


So, I am not complaining. Especially since, the sun’s shifted positions from where it was when I started writing this post. And I can actually remove the blinds and look out, and envy those who get to leave right now. So I guess I would go do that. Till then, Ciao!

4 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. Haha…. All’s well as long as you have a place to sit and place your things where you want them to be.
    I faced the same problem here. And what I have managed to do is, move and occupy any cubicle which looks unoccupied, wait for few days and after two weeks place my name plate in the workstation; keep my fingers crossed, so that nobody throws me out. It has helped this far. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    What happened ? Not writing any more these days ? Seems to be “extremely” busy ? 😉 Daal mein kuch kaala hai…

  3. Anonymous

    Hehehe! I’m so jealous. I’m still pretending to be working while I blog away! Would kill, maim and throttle for a laptop. So…where do you live? Iz-

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