And…. we are back!!

It’s been long. Really long in fact. But I am back, and am proud of myself for it. More so because I am back not cos it’s been long, which it has, but because I am bugged. Which is a good enough reason to blog. Infact it is one of the top ten reasons, in my list of ‘ 101 reasons why one should blog at all’.

Why I am bugged is a long story. All I can say is living alone in a huge 2-bedroom apartment for a whole month, not having a gas connection and hence not getting tea in the morning, not having a television, not having enough work at office, and not having a smaller apartment to move into, is not really my idea of fun. But then life’s not always fun.

But we shall not focus on the negatives in life. We are adopting a more optimistic attitude henceforth. That’s our resolution for the New Year, which by the way began on the 23rd of November. Happy Birthday to me! A lot’s been happening otherwise. Life’s busy, and no, it’s not because of work. Weekends specifically are movies, long drives, plays (actually one play, a spoof on Hamlet, by this group called Evam from Chennai and I loved it!), dancing, lots of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Sex and the city, and in general quite a bit of loafing around. And trust me, that’s tiring enough! And yep, definitely a lot of fun.

Hmmm, considering the fact that the tone of this post (and yep, my mood too) has taken definite turn to the other extreme by now, its probably right to conclude that while ‘being bugged’ still remains a good reason to blog, blogging also acts as an effective solution to cure a bugged mood. In fact I think, this is going to be one of the main ways we will be sticking on to our ‘optimistic attitude resolution’. So, bottom line is, when bugged, blog. So, purpose being solved, I think I would actually be better off discontinuing this ramble. Lest I end up ensuring that the few people who still have the patience to check this poor ignored place for updates at times, stop doing so in future. But seriously, in just one more round of self-appreciation I repeat, I am back! 🙂


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