Of Late nights and unhealthy lifestyles…

I am often asked, by my father for one, and now The Dude, as to why I can’t have a healthier life style, or in other words, why I can’t sleep early. And I always tell them that as long as I am getting my required 8 hours, it really doesn’t make a difference to life. But all I get to hear is, ‘ You sleep late, you wake up still later, and its not the same, morning air is good for health’, or ‘ You can’t just sleep and wake up when you want, nights are for sleeping, and you should wake up in time to watch the sun rise, that way your whole day goes well’.

Little do they understand that it’s beyond my capacity to ever wake up at an ungodly hour of 6, or even 7. The issue being, I have an incredible capacity to sleep. And this capacity is at its peak during the morning hours. That’s the time when the brain refuses to understand the logic of requiring only 8 hours of sleep. And all it can think is, ‘Awesome! It’s just 7! Which means minimum 2 more hours of sleep, yay!’ and resumes its favorite activity. It really doesn’t matter at that moment as to whether one had gone to sleep at 10 in the night, or 3 in the morning.

So, whatever be the time I hit the sack, I simply have to see to it that I wake up just in time to get ready for office, have a cup of corn flakes, and then run (mind you, its never walk or stroll) to the bus stop, and reach there not a minute before the scheduled shuttle time. When the shuttle actually arrives is again a matter of luck, and not considered here. We might just miss it, or might wait for an hour for it to come, but we will always be there at the same time. On dot.

And so I end up arriving at the same old conclusion, sleeping early is not for the likes of me. And if I intend to actually do anything other than go to work, and ofcourse sleep, I might as well do it during the best time of the day, the night. So I continue doing what I have always been doing, and sit listening to music, surf blogs, chat with the other nocturnal creatures of the world at 2 in the night (or in the morning, whatever!). Dad and The Dude haven’t given up, and I am sure sleeping on time (and thereby having a healthier lifestyle) would be on my New year resolution list yet again. And even though I try really hard ( we would count blogging about this as trying hard, and discount the fact that its 1 AM right now), it’s tough to change. So till then , its Happy Nocturnal Life for moi! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Of Late nights and unhealthy lifestyles…

  1. I have no problems here!
    I had a similar habit until I had a requirement to be in the office around 10AM for my job!
    Now, I feel so good to go to bed early and get up early! It’s the best way to be in life 🙂
    I’m not sure if that could be healthy but I feel damn good the whole day when I get up early!

  2. Yeah, I am told that too, ‘wake up early to have a good day’, but my job has created more trouble. I need to leave only by 11, and that gives me enough oppurtunity to stay in bed till 10, and I do exactlt tht 🙂

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