Enter 2007!

I am not really fond of the position I am currently in. It’s a state of absolute joblessness (no, I am not claiming to be a busy-bee otherwise, but right now I am officially jobless and it’s actually getting on my nerves.). And stuck in between the role I just moved out of at work, and the role I am yet to get into. Officially.


The past 19 months have been good (and average, and even bad at times, but we shall not delve into that), and given me a thorough insight into the very concept of working. And there are quite a few situations to which I am now in a position to say ‘been there done that’. The best part was however that I ended up making friends here. Something I hadn’t really expected from a workplace, where everyone is professional etc etc. So if I look back it’s actually been a good experience.


Anyways, all I am doing now, is trying to make most of the last few days here. The new role requires me to move to the other office, which is like really far off. So, I am doing the final desk clean up and wondering why they give more than one drawer to anyone. More space just means more clutter, and I am realizing this as I scoop out more and more junk from the three drawers allotted to me. Quite a bit of the stuff makes me kinda nostalgic too, an old wedding invite from one of the team members, the handwritten notes taken down in the first week at work, about the department, and in fact about each and every team member. Or the numerous pencils, notepads, erasers and sharpeners (Yes! Even sharpeners!) that have been distributed in the beginning of each month without fail, and a birthday greeting that we have all signed and forgotten to handover to the concerned person (L).


All things, good or bad, have to come to an end, and while this phase of my first job ends, I am actually feeling a little weird and that is something I didn’t really expect. But that makes me feel nice in a way too, as I directly correlate it to having had a good time J So I guess I should be getting back to the desk clearing activity, and hope that the new place is at least half as good!

P.S. Completely forgot! A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, and hope your year is filled with, well, everything you want it to be filled with! Cheers!
P.P.S. Added the subject in the end, and couldn’t think of anything better, so kindly adjust J.


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