I watched…

I watched You’ve got mail like the nth time last week. And I realized that it still has the ability to get me into the nothing-can-ever-go-wrong-in-this-beautiful-world mood. And left me dreamy and grinny by the time it ended.


I just love such movies. Initially I thought it was probably only the highly romantic, mush flicks, which I could enjoy as much, but now I am pretty sure that it’s got to do more with the movie being a happy one. Yes of course it would, and should have its sad, upsetting twists and scenes I guess, but if the movie, by the time it ends is able to make me feel nice about things, or people, and everything in general, it is a happy movie.


For instance, The Terminal is one movie I simply adore. And yes, have watched it like a million times. The romantic part in the movie does not end on a happy note, but the movie as a whole is awesome. And the scene around the end, when Tom Hanks is about to step out of the terminal, and is handed a coat by the otherwise very strict looking security officer, is something I rewind and watch every time. Then there is Shawshank Redemption. The fact that the guy escapes in the end, so perfectly, somehow makes me forget every single unfortunate incident in the movie otherwise. Like I said, happy, feel good movie.


Yet another movie I recently re-watched after about 3 years, was As good as it gets. My opinion about the movie hadn’t been very positive. Especially since it wasn’t exactly a mush flick, with a Hugh Jackman – Leopold, or a Tom Cruise – Jerry Mc Guire who you are forced to fall in love with instantly. Instead it had this grumpy old Jack Nicholson who couldn’t have been a more irritating character. And yet this time I really liked the movie, and every bit and character of it, including (and especially) the gay artist, his black friend, and the adorable dog.


Yes, I still enjoy my typical mush flicks just as much. Love actually, Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle still top my all time favorites list. I still roll every time I watch Bruce Almighty or Dumb and dumber, and have written CDs of the likes of Shrek, Ice Age and Monsters Inc. I cry every time I watch the end of Life is beautiful and concentrate like hell while watching Memento, Butterfly effect and Pulp Fiction, so that I don’t miss out on any important detail And I still watch The Mummy, Men in Black and X – men every time they are aired. For all this, being a movie freak really helps. But somehow, now I know better as to what DVDs I can actually buy when I visit Planet M, without wondering if I am wasting money J.


2 thoughts on “I watched…

  1. Anonymous

    You still spend money and buy DVDs? :O You must be earning a real packet then…. I jes pay 765 a month on broadband and download like crazy 😉
    Considering I know how much u like animation and chick flicks, I dont think I should ask if you’ve seen A lot like love (currently on HBO methinks), Happy Feet, Flushed Away etc but one movie you could see is Babel.. Its nice though a tad depressing 🙂
    Btw, Guru is one heckuva bore !!
    Belated wishes for a HNY and a Happy Pongal !!!
    – Jupe

  2. Re: hmmm
    Hehehe, i think and think and dont buy 😀 Anyways, you actually did manage to forget someone’s budday :(, and yeah I have seen most of the movies above AND I didn’t mind Guru one bit, it was pretty ok, except for the end… anyways, Hi again!

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