Ok. Gult movies are officially hilarious. Actually not the movies per say, I haven’t really seen any, but the names of the movies, more importantly, their so called tag lines, are so astoundingly funny! I mean take this for an example: ‘Rakhi – Highly inflammable’.  What does one make out of it? I could think of a few interpretations. 1. It’s a brand of petroleum probably, and the tagline basically is a statutory warning, ‘Rakhi petroleum – Highly inflammable’. Or 2. It’s this lady named Rakhi, who is extremely short tempered, or well, inflammable. That too highly. But no! The poster has the picture of a typical gult hero, with a dozen Rakhi’s tied on his wrist. So ok, we get it, it’s the story of this universal brother, who is by the way highly inflammable. But please, please, could we do something about the title of the film here?


Another awesome title I noticed today was Yogi – A feel that never ends. Huh? A feel that never ends? I mean seriously, what the hell is a feel that never ends? And why the hell is it called Yogi? No idea, and so I have given up on it as well. And yeah, this one has the picture of this angry looking guy, with a sword kinda thing with blood smeared on it. So there, that is Yogi I guess. And he definitely gives you a feel(ing?) of amusement, which actually does not end.


Anyways, all these hoardings do provide me with quite some entertainment. And in fact I think I pay more attention to the new posters put up these days. So, come to think, they are in fact very successful in their basic purpose of grabbing attention. So thereJ!


P.S. I just realized that Rakhi could have been the guy’s name after all. I probably assume too much. Anyways, if it is, well, then I take back all the nasty comments about it, and we will target Yogi alone. Ok?  Anyways, time to sign off now, so till then, Ciao!


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