Cell Phone woes!

September 2003 

Me: I need a cell phone.

Mom: Why??

Me: Well because I hate running out of my room thinking you guys might be calling, while it actually is some one from another hostel giving wake up calls to my neighbors.
Mom: Ok, anyways how much is it going to cost?

Me: We’ll take that basic nokia model, 3315, comes for 4k I think, and is supposed to be awesome; everyone seems to be carrying that.


So, hundreds of rupees worth recharge cards, 2 new keypads, 1 new phone cover, 3 sim-cards and 2000 hours of usage later;

November 2005 

Me: I need a new cell phone.

Roomie: Why??

Me: Cos mine sucks?? Have you seen it, its numbers are all gone, and it chooses to be on silent or vibrate or ringing mode as per its whims and fancies, and the number 7 doesn’t work, and so I cant message anything with a p, q, r or s in it. That’s tough you know? And also, it’s a 3315. Who the hell carries that these days??

Roomie: Hmmm, so what model will you buy?

Me: Something that looks good has a camera, and hopefully a music player. Nokia models are bulky, and more expensive, and my budget is 10k.


So, a Moto Razr V3, and a debit of 14.5k to the bank balance later;

January 2007

Me: I really need a new cell phone.

The Dude: Why??

Me: Well, how do I start? I am tired of having to connect the charger even before I start talking everyday, I hate the low-battery noise it makes within half hour of talking on it, I hate the fact that it chooses its own battery life, and decides to conk off anytime it feels like, and not start again for as long as it feels like, I hate that I can’t load any sound files on it, that it has a 5 mb non-expandable memory, and that it has a VGA camera which keeps stating picture capture failed for no apparent reason.

The Dude: Why didn’t you busy something with better features if you really needed it so bad?

Me: Well, because I thought it looked good, and that I would be buying an I pod and a Digi cam anyways. But now, I don’t have an I pod, I don’t have a camera, and I don’t have a phone that works.

The Dude: Ok, so what model?

Me: Nokia something, won’t take chances anymore, my 3315 was so awesome! And it’s still in working condition by the way!

So, I have a new phone, a Nokia 5300 Xpress music, and I love itJ! FM Radio, music player, 1.3 mega-pixel camera, 256 mb memory card expandable up to 2 GB etc-etc. But most importantly, it’s a Nokia J after all! So all I hope for now is that the battery supports my conversations, it has the strength to bear sudden falls on the hard floor once in a while, and that it lasts long enough to average out my huge loss from last year. Yay!

20 thoughts on “Cell Phone woes!

  1. Feels like Deja vu! I have had that same conversation with my mom so many times..till August 2006, when she FINALLY bought me a V3i and which is now missing..but yeah!i agree..Nokia rocks!
    Moto just can’t handle my talking on the phone 😦

  2. I know! Nokia is pretty much ideal for people who can’t help spending hours on the phone 🙂 Razr just looks so cool though! 😦 Where’s your’s gone????

  3. Why did’t you buy a Moto RAZR? I think, it’s ideal for ya 😛
    PS: Sorry, I’m not sure if it’s expensive in India! It’s like $180 here!
    How much did you spend on 5300 btw?
    Who’s “The Dude”
    You’re confusin sometimes 😛

  4. I did buy a Razr, and it no longer works.
    It cost me 14.5 k , and now is for 8k I think 😦
    Spent 11.3k on the 5300
    The Dude, hmm, well, is.. * noise of aeroplane drowns rest of the sentence*
    You need to concentrate more, perhaps I’ll be less confusing 😛

  5. rather than the cell phone which you are buying , I must say the times have changed. We use to think thousand times before buying that basic model of Nokia and today we are changing cells for style and FM radios….Sometimes we feel that today are we more satisfied with more or earlier we were happy with less. Dude is something which is still confusing to everyone.

  6. Anonymous

    Jupe says
    Hehehehe…This post absolutely had me nodding my head in vigorous unison..so me has to say my latest buzzword in appreciation “Aaaaahsumo aahsumasya”
    The story would have been a real good “All’s well that ends well” types if you had gone back to the 3315 but i guess kids need to grow up to newer models so best of luck for your new phone… though you wont need it coz its a NOKIA…
    Is “The Dude” a man of few words coz i see your lines are all long winded whereas his are short and sweet :-p

  7. True I guess, I remember finding out the cheapest possible models when I was buying mine, and used to find yours so much sleeker!A phone a year is not what I plan, but this one somehow got wasted :(, so will make up for it using my Nokia… Nokia rocks! 🙂
    ‘The Dude’ is confusing to you??? Shouldn’t, you know everything!

  8. Re: Jupe says
    Yeah I know, that would have been a nice story, but for now, lets just keep the ‘shifting back to Nokia’ in mind 🙂
    A man of few words??? Well, come to think of it, that’s the impression everyone seems to have of him, but naah, this probably is a one-off conversation, but then no one can beat me right ?;)

  9. Anonymous

    Since I can’t work – rather its not one of those days where in I can’t concentrate on my stuff – I thot of spendin some time doin sumpthin else – since I hav been readin ur blog off n on – never really posted any comments – I thot thats being indecent – hence – I decided to finally say a ‘hello’ and u know wot – I like fellas who like Nokia 🙂 I am not promotin d company or nethin but I am a big nokia fan mahself – If possible check out these two models – Nokia 6680 and 6280 ( I hope they r available in India – not too sure thou ?? ) – havin said that, from d pics d one u hav Nokia 5300 appears more or less similar to Nokia 6280 – I am not too sure if they customize d models based on d markets ( dun know ?? )
    Well – I like your blog but I liked the earlier layout more than the current one 🙂 You write well !! – Taps

  10. Firstly, Thanks! 🙂
    Secondly, might be some kinda coincidence, but I tried to access your blog just today, which I distinctly remeber having read before, to find that it had been deleted. Weird huh?
    Nokia is definitel awesome..Just checked the model u mentioned, 6280 is similar, slide model and all, but kinda sleeker than the one I have.. but this one’s for music n all, and the clarity is just awesome , and am sure the others are priced a lil higher 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    yupz! I deleted it – I am too weird – I mean – I dun understand myself at all – I created it coz I wanted to add some stuff to memories n u can only do it if u are a member – then I was like – what d heck? n deleted it – lol – thats what I did to mah orkut account as well – lol – n as a result – I am re-addin fellas – lol – dun know why I keep doin odd stuff 😦

  12. Anonymous

    Lenkaa introduces herself
    Hello , im new here, my name is Lenkaa , i have been reading your site for long
    , a very nice community 🙂

  13. Anonymous

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