V-day special

Right now I want to;


  1. Go to Vacs, and eat a chocolate box. It’s this 3 inch by 3 inch cube, with walls made of solid chocolate, which are a centimeter thick, and filled with chocolate cream, and with a chocolate stick to dip into it and eat.
  2. Go to a disc which plays dhinchaak bollywood numbers and Punjabi tracks, and dance till I get all tired and breathless (and somehow make up in part for the sinful evil junk that I consumed earlier).
  3. Get back home, and watch a movie (a mush flick would help) and have an unlimited supply of popcorn, lays, and coke.

         (And yeah, all of the above with The Dude of course.)


Right now I am;


  1. Sitting at my desk, with no work, and no idea as to when I will get back home.
  2. Feeling really sleepy, and miserable about my state.
  3. And hence, typing this post.

Btw, Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all!

11 thoughts on “V-day special

  1. I’m supposed to but I’ve decided not to. If I have to honestly express my thoughts, then I might have to feel sad coz of the fact that D denied me (of course, it’s my mistake to email a love letter to a person I never met and it’s my fate that she decided not to get along with me coz she just got out of a relationship and want to stay away from guys for a while)! So, I’ve decided to stay happy without an entry!
    So, when do you get to catch up with “The Dude”? I’m happy for ya!

  2. Hmmm, I understand. The dude? Finally met up after getting back, and got to do one of the things listed, he brought the Choc box along :D, so it wasn’t that bad after all!

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