Random ramblings

  • If you associate colors with a place, London is brown, a deep, rich brown. And a bit of yellow. Unlike the other big cities of the world, which for me are usually a grey, steel grey.
  • Being in an exotic place, with lots of places to see, is no good till you have good company. At least for someone like me, it’s a complete waste.
  • Even people like me have to go about alone when they have no other go, because sitting doing nothing in the room is still worse
  • I love traveling by the tube. My office is just one stop away from where I stay, but I take the tube anyways. I think its one of the most wonderful modes of travel I have ever come across. You don’t need a single person to help you travel around the city, if you have a tube pass, and a map, and eyes and ears.
  • When you’re really lost in Firang land, Bollywood music does the trick. I have been listening over and over to ‘Sajanaji vari vari’ and the ‘Salaam e ishq’ tracks everyday and feeling better.
  • Strawberries aren’t all that great tasting, they aren’t bad, but they aren’t too good either. But they look beautiful, the colour, the texture. That’s not supposed to be a fruit’s USP, but that’s how it is in this case.
  • I am capable of hating something just because of having too much of it. Like I despise cheese.
  • I am also capable of missing something terribly within 10 days of not having it. Like I miss taste in food.
  • I have a 24 hour hi-speed net connection in the apartment, but I never blog from there. I do it from work, and usually on days when there is much more important stuff to be done. Today is an exception though; I am free at work after a whole week of working (in the actual sense) 10 hours a day. Very unlike me, I know.
  • I start writing thinking I will make some interesting travelogue for future visitors to London, or at least make it a ‘my experiences in London’ and I ramble instead. As usual.

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