Grey’s anatomy

After a F.R.I.E.N.D.S crazy phase (which somehow is still on) Star World had me waiting every week for episodes of The OC, Desperate Housewives and Seinfeld. Then for 3 months, I survived comfortably with no TV. And then the fateful London trip happened and made me realize the importance of a television, especially in a place where you don’t really have much to do once back from work. More so it made me realize that not every place gives you many channels, when they are paid, and also that, not all channels that are free are in English. And yeah, that not all English channels are Star World, and definitely not a combination of all old hits and their reruns from ABC/NBC.


So I was left with 5 channels, 2 of which were still watchable, but somehow only on weekends or early in the morning. But the good thing that happened was Sunday evenings, after the day long walking around the city to ‘see’ places, they telecast Grey’s anatomy. Two episodes. Back to back.


I don’t know how I missed out on this series on Star World, but it has got everything to make an ‘All-you-can-ask-for’ entertainer. Actually make that an ‘All-I-can-ask-for’, and all I ask for, is an interesting story line, nice looking people, more good people than bad people (actually only good people is better, who get turned into bad people (for some twist or something), due to circumstances. And for a short while please. There, you have my happy worldJ), mush, and lots of other happy stuff. Must say, a story about interns in a hospital can’t always be happy, you have people dying and all, but somehow, I didn’t seem to mind that here, it seemed inevitable, though I did seem to hope and wish at times that a certain patient survived.

And yeah, this series has a nice sound track, aptly placed, and very listenable even later. I did download a few, and a personal favorite is one called ‘Sunny Road’. It’s by an ‘Emiliana Torrini’ and the lyrics, well, are not really happy, but sound nice, and like I said, suited the situation really well on the series.


Wrote you this
I hope you got it safe
It’s been so long
I don’t know what to say
I’ve traveled ’round
Through deserts on my horse
But jokes aside
I wanna come back home
You know that night
I said i had to go
You said you’d meet me
On the sunny road

It’s time; meet me on the sunny road
It’s time; meet me on the sunny road

I never married
Never had those kids
I loved too many
Now heaven’s closed its gates.
I know I’m bad
To jump on you like this
Some things don’t change
My middle name’s still ‘Risk’
I know that night
So long long time ago
Will you still meet me
On the sunny road

It’s time; meet me on the sunny road
It’s time; meet me on the sunny road

Well, this is it
I’m running out of space
Here is my address
And number just in case.
This time as one
We’ll find which way to go
Now come and meet me
On the sunny road.


I sorely miss having a TV now, but I am somehow going to adjust for the next two months, catching reruns on weekends at friends, relatives, or even better, watching them on the net (which by the way was the reason I survived the weekdays last month. The place had awesome high speed internet, and videos would stream with ease, the only work was to search for them. And south-park and That 70s show were always the easier ones to find. So ended up watching entire seasons of those). Anyways, the situation is much different here, and I might as well wait and probably read the summary of the Season 3 episodes on Wikipedia. I know it spoils the fun, but there is no suspense here, and no ‘shocking’ twists, so it really doesn’t matter. Plus, I am curious. And impatient. And it’s Friday. So off I go!


Till then, Ciao!


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