When I started this blog, the sole purpose was to ramble. My first post, in my own words said, “this is obviously not the first time i am blogging , but this is definitely my first personal blog, considering my older blogs were under the iimk username. but i realised it was not really possible for me to blog to the fullest on it, and i needed a private blog where i could fill in any amount of crap i wanted to”. Cut, copied, pasted, exactly, including the punctuations (or rather the lack of them).


This was when I was sure that no one has enough time or patience to actually read through a blog which has nothing useful, and is actually just full of , well, anything that some random person jots down, as and when she feels like. And even if they did, it wasn’t really my problem. It was just like a diary, only less personal, but still good enough.


And it was always fun. All posts were typed directly on the site, and posted immediately after being written. No spellings were corrected, no punctuations checked for, typos went unnoticed nothing was re-read, and there was heading if there the post didn’t have one to being with. I just posted, all the time, almost everyday to begin with, even twice a day at times if I check now. There was no question of not having time, or a topic to write about. Never needed one, it was a ramble, the way it was supposed to be. And like I said, that was fun.


And now 3 years later, I have written 16 times in the whole of last year. I have the ‘Its two years!’ entry on my recent entries page. Sad. And all because I started thinking before writing anything on the page. Stuff like, does it make sense? Does this topic deserve a post at all? Even if it’s random, it needs to sound nice. Is it too long? Or too short? Is the punctuation right? And are all spellings ok? And the result, no posts, no rambles on my poor page, especially made for the purpose! Tsk Tsk, not done.


No, I am not deciding to put that right. I am not sure that I would have enough to write everyday anymore. But at least should try to write something when I feel like, and in the past have put it off thinking, nah, not a good enough thing to actually write about. After all, it’s meant to be a ramble, and it’s me who wants to put it on record. So let me see, if the ‘Oh-man-its-four-years’ entry makes it to the next page or stays with its counterparts right here.


Till then, Ciao!


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  1. Anonymous

    Blog to share views and networking
    Hey Divya,
    Go on and share your views on life. Thats the best part as everyone learns from its surroundings than anywhere else as I strongly believe that “Our Environment is the best school to learn”. Don’t stop writing and write as frequent as possible.

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