There is one thing I have finally come to accept. Change is inevitable. Whether it is for the better or for the worse, whether you want it or not, change happens. Or changes happen. Well, whatever. I am personally not a very big fan of change. I like things simple, stable, routine, even boring. Unless I am convinced that the change is actually something big, and is definitely very positive, which for me, hasn’t happened too often.


My very first aversion to change came to the fore pretty early. I was 3 and my little sister was born. Mom and dad had done their job of making me all excited about the idea, and actually look forward to having a sibling to play with all the time. And I was, suitably so. Well, almost, till it was 15 days since she had been staying with us and hogging all the attention. And I, straightforward that I am, went to my mom, and told her that I was really happy to have the kid around and all, but 15 days was enough, and so, could we please leave her where she came from and get back to normal? Just us? Me, mom and dad? Like before? Please?


 The next blow came when I was told that I could no longer spend all my time at home. The change was big, but it was the prospect of waking up early, which bothered me more than the idea of spending time with people with a similar wavelength. Which surprisingly I looked forward to, conveniently assuming that parents not being around meant no one to bother you. And perhaps the reason why told a teacher how evil she was (in my fluent Hindi) when she tried to stop me from talking in class.


Life was more or less smooth and routine after that, and I was happy with the way things were. There were a few schools changed, a few friends left behind and missed, and new friends made. The changes hurt, but I ever so gracefully accepted them and moved on. Ok not so gracefully, but the tantrums didn’t last too long.


When school was about to end, I somehow looked forward to getting into college, that was one change, which I was extremely positive about. Hostel life, new friends, it seemed very interesting. But things don’t always work they way you want them to, in my case, even more so, and with some weird twist of fate, I landed up in Hyderabad, living with relatives, and attending an all-girls college. Both not even remotely connected to what I had been planning all this while. And of course, I hated it. And this was probably the change I took longest to adjust to, or accept. In fact I don’t think I ever did, and still look at it as a temporary filler phase.


The next change was something I had been praying for since long. And it happened in a big way. Moving to K was a change which was anticipated and looked forward to like no other, and more so was exactly as imagined, which made it even tougher to get over and accept the next big transition to work life.


Living alone, taking charge of life, finding people to share the apartment with, arranging for food everyday, all this was too much of new stuff to handle after the stint at K. And again, I was dead against the whole idea. Not that I could do anything about it, but that’s how I felt. The phase however turned out to be more fun than I could have ever expected. After all, it provided me with self earned money for the first time, and luckily, good friends too. So life was all about shopping, movies, TV, magazines, music, when we were not working. And who could complain about that! And just as I was getting used to the independent life phase, things changed again. There was shift of houses, moving across locations, and the inevitable change.


I am just a month and 10 days away from the next big change, and this time, it’s going to be a change for life. And it becomes bigger, when it involves everyone who really matters to you. But thankfully, this time around, the usual inhibitions of how it would be are somehow not bothering me, at least not as yet. And thankfully, this time I am looking forward to it.


But then like I said, there is one thing I have finally come to accept. Change is inevitable.




PS.  The Wedding’s on June 23rd and there’s lots to do! So till then, Ciao!


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  1. True, Change is inevitable.
    Okay, I’m nostalgic now!
    You are an awesome girl.
    I wish you have a fantastic time!
    Though I forget to comment sometimes, I love all your entries and please do not stop writing after you get in to the heaven!

  2. 🙂 Thanks! Well, now since I know I have one person reading all the stuff, I might as well continue! What say ?:D
    Anyways, the whole idea was to make sure I dont stop altogether just because new things come up in life!

  3. Anonymous

    J says…
    You’ve got to be kidding if you are seriously not bothered by the latest change that is due in ur life… anyway if you’re still chill, let me ‘help’ you understand the gravity of the soup you are about to get into.
    550 am:
    Man: Why cant u silence the damn alarm
    Woman: …but its on ur side of the bed..
    Man: So what.. its a woman’s job
    615 am:
    Man: Have u switched on the geyser?
    Woman: Ooops.. sorry honey.. will run over and do it now
    Man: %$#@, damn, the water wont be hot enough now..and its all ur fault
    640 am:
    Man: why on earth is the damn tap not working?
    Woman: its not.. of jeez…
    Man: Now I have to use the other bathroom and the geyser doesnt work there.. why on earth cant u take care of all these things?
    Woman: but how was I to know
    705 am:
    Man: Where is the newspaper?
    Woman: Here…
    Man: Why is it not opened to the Sports page? Grrrrrrrrr
    715 am:
    Woman: Here’s coffee, honey
    Man: (slurps)
    Woman: How is it?
    Man: Hmmm
    …and that was the most aahsum coffee ever which wifey has so carefully prepared with freshly made dicocsion in the morning.
    730 am:
    Woman: Its getting late, you’ll miss the bus
    Man: Can you stop nagging me? I HAVE to finish this su-do-ku before I leave
    Woman: But its 732 already
    Man: Damn, why didnt u tell me this 5 mts before…^%$#@
    745 am
    Man(thru sms): I missed my usual bus.. am standing now.. its all ur fault
    Woman (thru sms): sorry
    Man(thru sms): whats for dinner?
    630 pm:
    Man(thru sms): I’m bored…dont feel like working…when will u be back?
    Woman(thru sms): looks like I will be held up a little darling.. in case you are home early, can u just buy some vegetables.. I will come home and cook dinner
    Man (thru sms): Just got a call from my UK sales head, have work to do… ttul…
    730 pm:
    Man(on phone): Are u done?
    Woman(on phone): Just about..
    Man(on phone): Good good.. see you home in an hour
    830 pm:
    Man rings the bell
    Woman: Hi
    Man: Is dinner ready?
    Woman: give me 10 mts.. I jes came in tooo
    Man: Uffffffff.. I am so hungry
    Woman: Pls honey.. I jes got the veggies, cooker is on.. am just doing rasam and then I will fry you papads.. Why dont u watch TV?
    Man: Nothing interesting on HBO and Star movies today.. checked in the morning itself
    Woman: Why dont u speak to Mansur and Karthik.. its been ages since u called them up
    Man: Dont nag me
    Woman: OKKKKKKKKKKK, Go play PES on your laptop
    Man: Yipppeeeeeeee
    910 pm
    Woman: Can we plssssssssssssssss have dinner?
    Man: 2 more mts.. jes 2 more.. am playing extra time in the semis.. and we are a goal down.. I think i shud bring in shevchenko as my substitute…
    Woman: I am hungry
    Man: Tu khaana yaar…
    930 pm
    Man: Dinner was so so.. rasam was a little too hot
    Woman: You are impossible
    Man: Sweetie, I am too tired.. do u mind if i dont do the dishes today..i am feeling so woozy… loveeeeeeeeeeee u lots… goodnight !!!!

  4. Re: J says…
    Thanks 😮 😮 😮 You just runined my awesome positve attitude!!!
    Now I need to make sure that this is not read by certain somebody ( I don’t think he does, but need to be extra sure this time!)
    BTW, Thanks a lot for that :D, and I hope you are coming!

  5. There was a girl in my class,
    As straight as a jalebi,
    but as transperent as a glass,
    She is full of verve and fire,
    She is known as D. Iyer,
    As she says, she hates change,
    And be sure, she will find
    this one too strange.
    But give the gal her due
    She is not without clue
    She may look a little tense now
    And may find things rough
    But what are challenges?
    If they are not tough
    So my best wishes with you,
    Oh Queen of the land of the Iyers
    As you chart a new path…
    And may God give the dude,
    the patience of a sage
    And some grit
    For God knows,
    He will need it:)

  6. That was the best congratulatory message I could have ever expected! 😀 And yep, should have known it would come from you… make it to the wedding! 🙂

  7. Yep Hyd it is! Hmmm, well the method used to arrive on the date is positively hilarious, it was more like it has to be june, it has to be a saturday, and the last day of the month doens’t make sense, so let’s make it 23rd 😀 All decided over a 5 minute call in the morning when I was half asleep

  8. Anonymous

    May GOD bless you and your to-be Husband with all the happiness of the world. have a Great Married Life Divya…

  9. Anonymous

    Vix was here
    This post was read by him while he rested (???) in his upper berth on the way back home all the while with the hyperactive kids in the berth beside kicking the walls and rubbing a balloon. In short…. Feel honoured.

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