Life’s latest Observations

  • Married life is good, especially if you wake up at 9, get bed coffee, and are asked ‘You want to sleep for some more time?’
  • You cannot assume you hate the stock markets or anything to do with it, because one fine day you realize that you are watching the updates each morning, and even following up to see how they closed every evening.
  • It is possible to make a ‘I-know-zilch-about-bollywood-music’ guy watch Indian Idol to an extent that he has a favorite singer in the lot, who is actually good.
  • Shopping is fun if you are out with the right person. You might be out buying a 50 rupee garbage bin in China Bazaar, or blowing 600 bucks on a Photo Frame at Lifestyle, if the company is fun, the whole experience is.
  • Visiting a desert in the middle of summer makes you understand and appreciate the weather in Hyderabad.
  • Egypt is a beautiful choice for a first International vacation. 15 days after you are back, you watch History channel’s ‘Engineering an Empire – Egypt’ with a loony smile which seems to say ‘Oh, I built the pyramids’.
  • The best way to while away time at an airport, when the flight is delayed by 3 hours and you have arrived an hour earlier than the scheduled time, is to play ‘Cows and Bulls’ with the dude. And win each time.
  • Cruises are romantic. Extremely romantic.
  • Weddings are a tough affair. It takes you a week to recover from a two hour ceremony and a 4 hour reception.
  • You don’t know a thing when you feel that this is the happiest you could ever be. Especially since for a long time, each day has only been better than the last.

18 thoughts on “Life’s latest Observations

  1. Waking up at 9?? What time is your office?
    “…you are watching the updates each morning, and even following up to see how they closed every evening”
    This from a person who used to yell the loudest when the market news were on TV in the mess. Marriage changes people a lot.
    Hyderabad weather is extremely good. In fact everything about Hyderabad is good. I am missing the city. And I was there for just 3 months!!
    Hmmm…seems the marriage is treating you well.
    P.S.: Sorry for giving it a miss. Had booked my tickets but a last minute cockup at office happened due to which i had to cancel my leave.

  2. No no, it was never deliberate, I seemed to yell the loudest all the time anyways!
    Hmmm, have to accept the excuse right? Do I have a choice? Anyways, make a trip to Hyd soon, and we can meet up then!

  3. He he, actually you can attribute the bed coffee thing to the fact that he has always been an early riser, and escape 😀
    Will upload pics, few or on the orkut profile for now, both on mine and Nimish’s 🙂

  4. Bed coffee? you are lucky 😀

    I’ve have just realised shopping can be fun too, not clothes, but mostly home decor.. we visit some random home decor shop almost ever alternate weekend, just to look at stuff and wonder what all we’ll get for the new house 🙂

    I have to go on a cruise, your description is very tempting!

    1. 😀 Oh, that is still happening 3 years later, FYI!
      And we LOVE shopping for Home stuff too! Esp with the new house coming up, the amount of time we spend at these places is HUGE :)!
      You should you should! Cruises are awesome! 🙂

    1. Where have you been girl? 😀
      Thanks! And I know, that tea is the best! Cn’t wake up without it 😀 Which explains my half asleep state these days!

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