Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

No, no, it’s not a review. Come on! It’s like 3+ years since I started this blog, and if anyone still thinks I am capable of writing anything which can be termed as a review, or anything similar, intellectual sounding, then it’s sad, so very sad. They haven’t really been reading this page after all. If they have, they would know for sure that when it comes to a movie or a book, all I can do is give an extremely biased opinion on how it lived up to or failed my expectations, and probably not give any (rational) reasoning for the same. So that’s what I am here for again!

2 years ago, I read HBP,and accepted it as a good book, especially when compared to its predecessor, the extremely dull, fails-to-move-the-story-at-all Order of the Phoenix, though it took me quite sometime to get over the cruelest twist of killing Dumbledore. And after taking in all the rumors around, reading the so called spoilers from the last book, and even skimming through a clever fake of the book, I could not have waited more eagerly for the Deathly Hallows. This time however, I thankfully booked it online, and this got me the book with no effort and for 350 Rupees less. 

HP7 does not disappoint you, especially if you thrive on happy endings. It might seem to be a very expected ending, the bad guys die, the good guys live, and some of the faithful sidekicks who were never so prominent, but always around and really liked, are sacrificed in the quest. And yes, miracles happen, but no. they don’t bring back characters you loved back from the dead, however unfair you thought it was to get rid off them in the first place.

 Snape turning out to be a good guy after all was a much expected twist, even after the Dumbledore murder he committed. And I myself had said that however good his reason is explained to be in the end, I would never accept it. But that is where one shouldn’t underestimate the power of the writer. It all made sense, it was the right thing to do, and it was so very acceptable. Snape turned out to be one of the most misunderstood (deliberately so) but in reality, a really good human being at the end of it all.

 Ron doesn’t die! That was my biggest relief. I had my doubts all along that he would , thanks to the spoilers, and even more so when he ditches the other two, but no, thankfully he gets back, and yep, even better, survives through the whole thing valiantly. And yeah, neither does Neville, and he too has his own moments of glory.

 The logic behind the elder wand was good. It was a typical JK Rowling explanation of the ‘Flaw in the plan’ and how even the most powerful wizard was capable of missing out a tiny detail which changes the whole scenario.

 The logic behind Harry surviving ‘Avada Kedavra’ was not! I mean seriously, that was the very Bollywoody. The boy survives because he Voldemort took his blood, and with it , his mother’s protective enchantment, and as long as that lives, Harry does too. Too complicated and very ‘good finally has to win and the hero cannot die of course’ kinda reasoning. But all’s well that ends well. And so does the book (inspite of the again kinda filmy ’19 years later’ epilogue)

All said and done, though I am glad that we finally know what happens, I am slightly disappointed that there would be no sequel of the series to wait for. And with the adequate history provided, there is no scope for a prequel as well. So, I can do nothing but wait for someone to come up with an adequately, if not equally, interesting series, which I would look forward to with the same enthusiasm!


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. 1) Writing a review is not intellectual. I write reviews and there is nothing intellectual in it!! In fact planning to write one tonight.
    2) The finale was good…not great like Return of the King but good though comparing Harry Potter to LOTR is grossly unfair. Loved how Snape’s character was treated. Alan Rickman is going to rock in HP7!!
    3) I had made a list of characters to be bumped off in the book. Guess what, most of the dead ones were present in that list. Only surprise was
    Fred Weasley dying. And for a book meant for children, the death count is refreshingly high. I counted at least 25 prominent character deaths.
    4) Can i have the copy of the fake book is it is an online copy. Had read parts of 2 such books. Pukeworthy, they were.

  2. – Writing an ubiased review needs talent, and hence has been quoted as intellectual
    – Told ya, the finale could not be as grand as LOTR true, but then we are dealing with a children’s book here!
    – 25 characters? Whoa! I didn’t count really, but thats like HIGH!
    – He he, ‘pukeworthy’ says it all!

  3. 90% of reviews are biased….have heard reviewers praising HP5:)
    I know comparing with LOTR is unfair….but could not resist….Rowling has done immensely well with a children’s book. Hell my parents want to read it!! I salute her for achieving that!

  4. Ah! I am sure their intellectual capabilties helped them grasp the deeper meaning of the book (blah blah blah, whatever !!). Anyways, that’s true, she attracted interest from every age group and maintained it till the end!

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