It’s not so bad…

I should have noticed it. It was such a clear sign of the not so good times that were to greet me very soon. It happened when I was waiting for my cab on Monday. Yeah that too, already it was a Monday, the not so happening, extremely annoying beginning of the week. But I was already through with the day, waiting to get into the cab, reach home, eat, watch TV, the regular stuff you know. And that’s when it happened. My mobile buzzed. Had to be the cab details I thought, and looked at it. 

Instead of the regular blue and white wallpaper I had kept on for a while, staring at me was a bright combination of black, orange and red. For a moment I wondered if my display could actually look so good, and if I had changed the settings unconsciously to this ultra cool look. But no. Something was wrong. My battery charge showed as 3/4th full (which is good you might say), but, it showed 3/4th full in pink!

 My cell phone display is now in the negative. Negative as in the ‘bollywood-flashback-which-you-remember-in-your-dreams-after-suffering-a-memory-loss’ negative. Not a big deal I thought, though you might have trouble guessing which calls were missed (the small red arrow next to it is now a different colour which will take time to get used to), and yes of course, can’t use the camera for a while. Oh well, not that bad, will get it fixed.

 But no, things took a downhill course from then on. Tuesday, a not so flattering comment from not so ignorable hot-shot from the work place. Wednesday, a not so subtle reminder about certain follow-up items assigned and forgotten months ago. Wednesday again, a not so welcome general illness. And of course, the mobile now decided to change it’s negative status to a blank one, making it impossible to see who is calling, read a message, type a message, and to call someone, all you need to do it remember the number, close your eyes and dial it. See, simple!

 And then came the icing on the cake. At an extended meeting where my contribution would be close be 5 minutes of blah, I simply sat and was tapping my right foot to a random song playing in my head, when all of a sudden, the nail on my second toe from the right, decides to dig into the base of my slipper. This slipper let me tell you, is a special one. Firstly, it’s from the grand ‘Happiness sale’ at central, cost me 60% of its original price, has just the right amount of heel, and is a really nice brown and grey which I don’t have. And yeah, it’s just 3 days old.

 I looked at it from the corner of my eye, while still nodding at whatever was being discussed, and there it was. Glancing up sheepishly from under my toe, a millimeter long and jet black and very visible on the pretty brown, was a tear on my latest possession in the footwear category. And then I was sure, that this had to be the worst time in my recent life.

 Anyways, the remaining 20 minutes were spent nodding vigorously, more in agreement to the unfairness of life, and moping about how everything was now in confirmed shambles. Getting back to my desk, I could not wait to pick up the slipper and check the extent of damage done. It was not much but that was a beginning, my shoes have the tendency to go from bad to worse real fast, so it was all about when it started. I rubbed my finger on the spot twice, and lo! The piece came off, and thankfully before I could start lamenting making the tear bigger or more prone to further damage, I realized that it was after all a piece of dirt!

 The first good thing to happen in the past few days, the fact that my ‘bought on sale’ slipper is after all not damaged (yet) has out me back on the optimistic track, that things will get better. After all, what can beat such a sure shot sign!

 So, I am back at work, in a much better mood, after yesterday’s good omen. I am slightly unsure as to whether it might have something to do with the day being a Friday, you know, the best day of the week? And also that, what seems to follow is an extremely lazy weekend, with loads of movies, and eating out and other good stuff? But then who cares. All’s fine now, I am sure things will improve, and yeah, there is no tear on the slipper J

2 thoughts on “It’s not so bad…

  1. Why are you judging your life in terms of the material comforts around you, oh damsel…
    What is life but an illusion, your mobile conking off but a delusion and your hot shot colleague’s cold shoulder but a cold fusion.
    The dirt on your chappal is nothing but His way of telling you that problems can be solved by getting your hand “dirty” in solving them.
    So open up that mobile of yours and repair it yourself. You may get battery grease all over your hands or your mobile may go beyond repair like my friend’s piece went when he did it. But He will show you the way to salvation or at least mobile prices have gone down.
    Also go to that hot shot colleague, shake him up and ask him what his problem is. You may get fired but do not worry, He is with you or at least the job market is hot right now.
    P.S.: Should stop watching those evangelical channels even if they are unintentionally hilarious:)

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