Now where have I heard that before?

Ok, so now I feel like listing out all the songs which for some reason always remind me of some situations from the past. Funnily, most of these songs are such that I hardly ever even listen to them anymore, but whenever I do, it is big time nostalgia!

 So here goes-

 Song: Aisi Deewangi – Deewana
Reminds of: Home, and watching chitrahaar with the whole family on a Wednesday night.

 Song: Saathiya Tune kya kiya – Love
Reminds of: Home again, lazy afternoons, back from school, listening to a borrowed cassette over and over again.

 Song: Gaate the pehle akele – Khamosh
Reminds of: The unfortunate 1997 moped accident, leading to the stitches on the knee. The song playing all the while in the head.

 Song: Aate Jaate – Maine Pyar Kiya
Reminds of: 10th Boards. Trying the ‘study with music’ concept for the first time and combining Geometry theorems with Bollywood.

 Song: Chaiyyan Chaiyyan
Reminds of: Rainy afternoon, tea, pakodas, and a newly acquired cassette playing in the back ground.

 Song: Chiqiquita – Abba
Reminds of: CAT preparation in Hyderabad, and doing mock tests with the ABBA Gold Cassette on repeat.

 Song: Touch and Go
Reminds of: K parties! Especially the first one.

 Song: Allah ke bande hasde – Kailash Kher
Reminds of: Sunny afternoon. Walking down B Top’s corridor to call DC for lunch, after having bunked all the morning classes, the song being played from one of the rooms on the floor.

 Song: Kahaan ho tum – Shankar Mahadevan
Reminds of: K again, and getting ready at leisure (a rarity) for an evening class with the song in the background.

 Song: Lagi Lagi – Aksar
Reminds of: The penthouse. And a spring cleaning session of the room, ofcourse with songs from Aksar playing on the Boom box.

 Song: Aap ki kashish (aashiq banaya aapane)
Reminds of: The first attempt at gymming, the hour long workout with Himesh Reshammiya every day. Well, for 20 days.

 Song: Nuvvena (Anand – Gult movie)
Reminds of: Chatting with The Dude late in the night, while he was in London suddenly having developed a liking for a sing which I didn’t understand anyways.

 Song: Don’t be shy – Rogue
Reminds of: Bottles and Chimneys, and the dancing sessions on Saturday nights with The Dude

 There are a few more general songs which I associate with moods, like Yellow is romantic, and Lemon tree is happy, and Waqt ne Kiya is plain depressing, but that will need another post dedicated it to it I am sure. So till then, Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Now where have I heard that before?

  1. Hmmm, like I said, this was not about my favorite songs really. Anyways, I think I could have added ‘Roja’ because that reminds me of the beginning of a obsessive cassette purchase spree!

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