So bugging!

Ya, so I am on a blogging spree, and today it is the turn of the most irriating characters we meet on a regular basis to feature out here. In no particular order, except the sequence in which it comes to mind right now, here they are!

Pinky boys –
Point is, pink is a girl’s colour. One might argue that blue then is a guy’s colour, but then girl’s who kinda look boyish are cute, but guys who are girlish? No Thanks. So guys in general should not wear pink, unless they are , well, Hugh Grant ( Haven’t you seen him in Notting Hill??).

Cellular drivers –
Ok dude, you might get killed, which you probably deserve, but why put my life in danger? I mean seriously, what if you ram into my side of the car and I am the one whose face is smashed? Huh? How to deal with it? First, honk on and on around him till he actually stops the car in some corner. And then stop next to him and continue honking till he has no choice but to disconnect (excerpt from the soon to be written – ‘Chronicles of The Dude’s Road rage)

Breeze sensitive window seat lovers –
Here’s the deal, you feel cold, you move away from the window. Please don’t cause possibly fatal claustrophbia attacks in others. If you want a window seat, it means you want air, it’s not for aestheic value that they put those things there in the first place.

Trial room terrorists –
Sale time. 20 people long trial room queues. And the 10th in line girl says ‘I will be back in a moment, my place stays’ and walks away for for the next one hour, picking up new clothes, having dinner , and probably even catching a nap, and then gets back and says ‘ I am next, please excuse’.

Treadmill hoggers –
The sign on the wall says ‘ please use treadmill for maximum 20 minutes during peak hours’. And the executive gymmer next to you understands it as ‘ reset the timer after 20 minutes since people around you are so stupid that they wouldn’t realise that you so smartly actually used the machine for a whole extra 20 minutes!

Fake Firangs – Born in Guntur, brought up in Warangal, working in a BPO in Hyderabad, on visit to LA for a month for an onsite project, and then returned with a new hair cut, a jacket that says US of A, and an accent that goes ‘ Ah, I j’st returned fr’m New York you see, n itz so friggin’ col’ out there!

My call Biggest –
These guys are big people, their work is big, and so are their calls. Big as in , long, everlasting and ofcourse loud. Now once they start, it doesn’t mater if they are discussing a possible project, or the price of a plot in Shamshabad, it just doesn’t stop. And nor can you dare to stop them. After all they are officially big.

Honkers –
It is a well known fact that you are supposed to stop at a red signal. And ofcourse , we also know that when two vehicles re one behind the other, the one in front needs to move before the one at the back can. But the honker , who usually is third in line is unaware of this, and hence unnecessarily uses the horn provided for better purposes with all his might, probably expecting the vehicle in front of him to sprout wings any moment and fly away, making way for him ( a la the awesome Feast ad aired once upon a time)

Hmmm, thats about it for now and I am sure there are so many more. But they will have to wait for the sequel. So till then, Ciao!


2 thoughts on “So bugging!

  1. Considering how extremely bugging I find them, do you think I would survive living with any of these characters?
    No, thankfully not! 😀

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