Where am I you ask? Ah, such an interesting question. I happen to be at work. Yes, still, and since my LJ clocks is permanently malfunctioning, let me tell you the time too. It’ s 10:55 PM. Yep, Friday night, 10:55 PM and I am at work. Nah-Nah, Its not about work, it’s neither month nor quarter close. I am here to have fun. Awesome, isn’t it? I am here to do some major team bonding, and rehearse a really funny skit, which would obviously be so hilarious that practicing it cannot be not fun, can it? 

Ok, I officially bugged. Here’s the deal, I like working, I cannot stay at home the whole day. Infact, even if I am sick, the prospect of sitting at home doing nothing doesn’t appeal to me. And I thoroughly endorse fun at work. Straight faced accountants, clicking at the keyboard all the time need some light moments, and so we bring in the fun aspect. The fun at work aspect. But have you ever heard of forced fun? If not, you should be here, I am having it right now, and trust, it so gets on your nerves! When I would rather be home with the Dude, planning the weekend, watching a movie (or even discussing the markets if you want), I am here waiting to rehearse for a skit, whose script has not yet been decided upon. Seriously, heights! And that’s not the end folks, we have more. It has to be performed day after tomorrow, yes, a Sunday, where in you need to be at the chosen fun resort by 11 AM (start at 9) and stay till 12 in the night. To have fun after all.

Phew, that kinda helped take off some steam. I am bugged, seriously. What else explains 3 posts in one day? Huh? Yes I am counting the visual DNA thingie too. Anyways, its back to having fun now, so till then, Ciao!


7 thoughts on “#$@$&$%

  1. Didn’t happen, and this, after waiting till 12 in the night! Good thing was we escaped something that was very obviously going to be a disaster 🙂

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