Happy Post

I am happy right now. And I think it’s kinda unfair that while I make it a point to write a post every time I am even slightly irritated, bugged or feel the world has been extremely unfair to me, I always wait for the happy feelings to subside and then the angry sentiments to reemerge before making the next post. One of the biggest reasons why this has been deemed a crib-log.

So contrary to popular belief (mostly mine), I am here to post today because I am happy.
And why? Well….

1. My hair looks like I have wanted it to all my life. Well, all my life is an exaggeration. I couldn’t care less about how it looked till about 4 years ago. In fact I was raised under the belief that voluminous hair was an asset, and curly hair was pretty. This is probably true. But what was very conveniently ignored was the fact that voluminous and curly hair together gives rise to a concept called unmanageable frizzy hair, which trust me, is not pretty. So getting back to why I was happy, this time I am actually happy with the results I got out of the torturous straightening procedure I went through yet again. Thumbs up to Toppers, and an extremely big Thumbs down to Habibs (Gimme my money backL ).

2. It is a Monday, and yet, I am not bugged, and the day has passed by quicker than it usually does. Reason; UK has a Bank Holiday today, so my customer is off, and so, he can’t bug me. Actually, he really doesn’t bug me much, but then there is always an anticipation of the last minute request for a report, or an explanation of the report, or whatever. Anyways, I have done nothing but admired my own hair the whole day today, and yep, that makes me happy.

3. There was this training I was supposed to attend this whole week, which got cancelled. I don’t dislike trainings really, but this one started at an ungodly hour of 9 in the morning, and lasted till 6 in the evening, post which I was expected to get back and do my usual work. I mean seriously, are you kidding me? But then I was all prepared for it, and now, it’s cancelled.

And so I am happy. Bored because of no work, sleepy in general, but on the whole happy. And I would rather stop typing while still in this mood. So, till then Ciao!


13 thoughts on “Happy Post

  1. Anonymous

    Salons rule!
    I went to one of those expensive salons for the first time ever this Saturday and I just love what they have done with my hair! 🙂 So I know exactly what you are going through!
    Ungodly hour of 9 am……..hehehehe

  2. Re: Salons rule!
    Yep, they so do rule!
    Ah the 9 AM syndrome applies so well to us people from the outsourcing world, I leave home at 12 otherwise :D:D

  3. Anonymous

    Very Good
    Well, I personally expect you to be more gorgeous and beautiful than before as I believe we look the best when we believe we are the best and feel good about ourselves, our work and our life.

  4. Re: Very Good
    Good point! Its all in the mind as you say I guess :), but sometimes the mind needs a reminder, say in the form a visit to Toppers :))!

  5. Anonymous

    Now you of all people should understand that I absolutely *have* to point this out…
    You made a grammar boo boo in ‘point #2’…I have done nothing but admired my own hair the whole day today

  6. Anonymous

    Kabir ka doha
    If I could steal a ‘doha’ from Kabir and paraphrase it..
    Dukh mein blogging sab kare
    Sukh mein kare na koi
    Sukh mein blogging kare
    to blog padega koi

  7. Anonymous

    That’s great 🙂 Liked your take on the combo hair. Anyway, I should not complain too much. I have good hair, very god-given and very taken-for-granted by myself.

  8. Thanks :),and I really likeknowing people with good hair (no, I promise I wont be jealous at all), so it would be lovely, if you could leave your name!

  9. Re: OCD
    ‘Who Else’. Anyways, my closest guess is that I am being subjected to pearls of Vixdom, and if you dont get that, I am all wrong, and no I dont know who it is! 🙂

  10. Re: OCD
    Thanks a tonne, I am wondering what to hope for in ur case though. Adoption maybe? Them getting anything from you will be unfair 😛

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