Chak de!

I finally watched Chak De India this weekend. And I loved the movie. I went with quite high expectations, and thankfully, they were very much met. An overall good movie, here are the few things which made me like it as much as I did.

  • The concept. I have always liked movies based on Sports, team Spirit and the like. Add some Indian-ness, and you have a movie which makes you feel all patriotic, and all set to start watching India’s cricket matches again (which I stopped post World Cup)
  • Shahrukh Khan. Oh, I am not a fan, at all. But I like the fact that he was put in so much effort for a flick which had him play a role which was in no way even close to his regular K-movie characters. When it comes to being Un-SRK, not in the league as Swades probably, but nevertheless good.
  • The music. The timing was perfect, and I loved almost all the tracks. The title track is awesome with its perfect lyrics (koi toh chal zid padiye, doobe dariye ya mariye, chak de chak de India) and Sukhwindar’s apt voice. I really like ‘Ek hockey doongi Rakhke’ and Baadal pe paon hai as well.
  • Komal Chautala. Such a cute character! Loved her dialogues, and the way she delivered them. Easily my favorite character. I had read in a lot of places about Bindya Naik’s character being the best but somehow didn’t find anything great about her. The second favorite character was Balbir Kaur.
  • The scene at Mc Donald’s. The girls’ apology to get back into the game in the initial practices. Bindya’s goal in the semi final. Komal’s pass to Preeti in the final. Shahrukh returning to his old home in the end.

Finally, a very touching, makes you feel all ‘I-am-proud-to-be-an-Indian’ movie, which doesn’t drag much. Pretty realistic, except when it came to media bit (please, nobody calls a national player desh drohi on screen, because he failed in one match, however strong their reasoning is), and very entertaining. 
So, if you are amongst the lot which hasn’t seen the movie yet (I really doubt there would be anyone in the category but anyways) Go watch it!

22 thoughts on “Chak de!

  1. Anonymous

    Chak de…
    I am yet to see the movie. Sometimes my timing was bad; and sometimes I felt not to watch the same sort of Bollywood Movies and in the struggle, I am yet to see the movie. Probably, will try to find some time to watch it.

  2. “please, nobody calls a national player desh drohi on screen, because he failed in one match, however strong their reasoning is”
    Tell that to Kaif whose house was blackened after one loss in WC2003, and it wasnt even against Pakistan!! And with the increasing IQ level of our news channels, you will get to see the desh drohi rant happening in the future!!

  3. Anonymous

    Watchin Chak-De made you want to watch the Indian *Cricket* team????? Guess the movie didn’t do it’s job after all. For me the movie was more about the underdog the game of hockey. And the movie made me want to watch cricket a bit less…

  4. Re: Darn!!!
    Dude, you dont get it! I remember watching matches and cheering India for victory , which I stopped recently. The movie’s job was SO NOT to promote hockey as a sport alone, it was more about India, and team spirit and stuff, so that worked! Comeon!

  5. Hmmm, point, but then media is supposed to maintain certain limits when it reports anything, be neutral and all. The movie slightly exaggerated that, but you are right, we can expect something like that in future 🙂

  6. Re: Chak de…
    Trust me, it is different, not your regular Bollywood stuff 🙂 So you better go for it soon, and yeah, watching it in the theatre makes a lot of sense!

  7. Re: Darn!!!
    Awwwww, dumb boi is losing it just before his wedding, too close nuh, I think I should let the concerned party know about what she is getting into before it is too late!

  8. Komal Chautala – Yeah, I also liked her the best. She’s such a small teekha thing. And of course small is always good, isn’t it? [:D]
    But the movie made me think less of Cricket and I loved the dialogue ‘Hockey mein chakke nahin hote hain’.

  9. Ooh yeah Loved the movie.
    It had all the makings of a typical Bollywood flick but thankfully in doses just tolerable enough.
    A watchable Hindi movie after a long time 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Ditto ditto ditto 🙂
    I also loved the part where Nethra Reddy explains the difference between Tamil and Telugu!And the pre-finals party where they all wear sarees and look all pretty-pretty!

  11. Anonymous

    …the scene where the men’s hockey team salutes the girls and the scene where the Aussie guy is hoisting the tricolor before the finals 🙂
    okthankyoubye 😀 😀

  12. Re: Also..
    So many so many! My friend downloaded the movie to re-watch her fav scenes, which is like rewatching the whole movie over and over again! :))

  13. Anonymous

    Re: Also..
    Preety Sabharwal…drooooooooool
    *wait, that didnt come out well*
    Preety Sabharwal….droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool…
    Komal / Balbir / Bindiya.. who are all these folks? 😉
    Average movie..but then coming from Yash Raj, its a classic !!
    – J

  14. Re: Also..
    J? J???? Oh wait! I know this guy!!! :O:O
    How’re you? And please, Preety Sabharwal?? She was like Katrina Kaif made masculine, have some taste :P:P
    Hmmm, coming from Bollywood, it is a classic!

  15. Anonymous

    chak de…
    yup divya,
    all that u have mentioned convinced me too. i also saw the movie a couple of weeks before only. loved the screenplay very much. it was very good when we see some realistic movies. hope we could find some movies like this, which gives a satisfaction of both nice and entertaining!
    u can see my blogs at

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