Ah well…

 It’s such a boring day, it’s not funny. I am done with my work, and I have read all the blogs, and a few more blogs through these blogs, checked orkut, gmail, and the K yahoo groups’ mail. There are still 2 hours to go before I get to leave and I have got no new mail in my inbox for like 3 hours now ( well of course, not counting one from Infrastructure and Logistics explaining proper use of power sockets in office. Wow). And now I am really bored.

So what’s new? Hmmm, well let me think. 

I love the special interest that the Transport department at work has taken in me to get me well acquainted with places and people of the city who I didn’t believe existed till now. They have resolved to make me take an hour and a half atleast to cover the 10 Kms distance to home. More so, they have taken an oath that I should be introduced to every Godforsaken alley of every ‘I-couldn’t-care-less-about-your-existence’ areas of the city , and so many times so, that I should be atleast able to recognize all the ‘Radhika Theatres’ and ‘Krishna Family restaurant and Bars’ in all these areas. Also, they have decided that I should be put on the roster* with individuals who are bent upon giving me a crash course in the new definitions of colonies/areas. As per the new definitions, if you take a right from A.S. Rao Nagar, and go on for another 5 kms and then take a left, and go on for another 3 kms, and then take another left, and then the immediate right and then the 3rd left, the place would still be called A.S.Raonagar, and not Kapra, as the address- boards, and the direction signs suggest. See, so much to learn.

And then the gym, I am such a regular visitor now, that Disgusted face actually recognizes us (well, he came to ask me why I came only like once a week, but well, that’s beside the point).

And of course, how can we forget Indian Idol. Things just got so much better with Emon getting eliminated. That’s how it should be. Eliminate the good singers before hand, so that the competition is now between an awesome and a totally useless contestant. Considering everyone already knows who the better singer is, and also that there is a perfectly good chance that he will not win (come on, we need to support our region, who cares if our guy cannot carry notes that well!), atleast they will not try and get back home early from work on Friday. So much better for our economy that is. Right?

On a different note, Iyengar Boy is now married, and that makes it two of the two people in 3 months to have broken the ‘I-will-not-get-married-before-I-turn-32’ resolution. J 

Anyways , during the course of this post, we realized that we might as well go home , and watch Grey’s anatomy episodes we downloaded recently (courtesy : Limewire). But not till we get to see more of SainadhPuram, Kamala Nagar, Nagarjuna Nagar and so much more of the yet-not-discovered Hyderabad. Ah, the thrills life has to offer! Till then, Ciao. 


11 thoughts on “Ah well…

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm 🙂
    I can totally relate to the whole bus-ride thingy.I used to feel just as exasperated when I was working in Bangalore and had to endure the long ride,the bad traffic and the nastiness of the bus driver!
    So gym-ing is going well huh..good for you!*Pat on the back* 🙂

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