Randomest ramble ever

I simply have to write. See, whenever I don’t blog for a while, I end up blaming lack of interesting enough things in life for it. But right now, there are so many things I would like to record and remember (that’s what I blog for right?), that I have to write. Whatsoever. So here we go!

We won! And I caught ONLY the last over of the match. Why you ask? Well, because all the seniors at work conveniently dumped their jobs on the insignificant few at us, and disappeared. Where you ask (or don’t, I am telling you anyways)? To a nearby place to watch the WHOLE match. Talk about unfair. Hmph. Well, no complaints, because watching the last over, standing on my toes, and peeping into the neighboring floor (they have a TV on the work-floor for heaven’s sake! Two in fact! Talk about unfair. Hmph – repeat) and then cursing the tall guy in front, and then stomping away after the six, and then getting back anyways, because, well you couldn’t afford to see how it went after all, then standing with the mouth wide open as the ball went into the air, and then jumping and screaming like a banshee when Sreesanth took the catch, and then telling everyone on the way back that we won ( of course they already knew) and so and so forth, can be equally, if not more, fun. (Phew, that wins the longest sentence award: D). So, I am not really complaining.

Saturday was night out with The Dude, and I was all for some serious partying, when I found out that the place was invaded with Cricket freaks. So I spent the next 10 minutes grumbling about how the evening was ruined, and the hour and a half after that, enjoying what I think will be my favorites match ever. I haven’t had more fun watching a match, and of course, we beat the so called best!

Sunday night was Indian Idol Grand Finale, and I am depressed even now thinking about it. All I can say is I am glad I didn’t sit through the entire 3 hours of pain, for the most ridiculous judgment in the history of mankind (ok, I am exaggerating, but it was horrid. Pah! No more audience poll based silly, stupid, biased shows!)

And of course, the Sunday evening drive to one really pretty place. The Shamirpet Lake was much above my expectations, and the weather did an awesome job projecting it even better. I am so going there again!

Oh ya, I made cake. Choco-walnut cake. And guess what, it actually tasted good (I wanted to say awesome, but I don’t want smart comments about ‘self-appraisal’, ‘poor souls who had to eat it’ etc). Fact is, I burnt the sample ( see, so smart of me, I know my limitations, and hence get proactive (!!?)), but the final version was awesome! There. I said it.

Ok that was a fairly long ramble, and I myself tend to avoid blog posts which are little too long, but couldn’t help it, long week I had. But I will stop now. So till then, oh, ok, wait. Last thing. Tuesday, I did this cool ‘work from home’ thing, which was nice, as in lazy nice, but I realized I eat twice as much if I am at home. Yikes! So that’s not happening again. Ok, that’s about it. Till then, Ciao!

P.S. Lime wire rocks! The past few days, I have …. Ok nothing, I said I would stop. So I will. Tada.


6 thoughts on “Randomest ramble ever

  1. Well, I started cooking for the first time in my life when I moved to LA a month ago. But as opposed to all my earlier theories about how it is stressful and other blah, I find it to be a wonderful stress buster. What would I do without Google and all those recipes it throws at me.
    I’m yet to bake a cake. So, recipe maybe? 🙂

  2. I started once I started working, but somehow its only the not so regular stuff that I enjoy making!
    As for the cake, it was an internet recipe too :), will put up the link for it soon!

  3. Anonymous

    The cricket was lot of fun to watch..wonder what they are going to do in the series vs Aus though!Oh I loveeee choc-walnut cake…did you bake from scratch?
    Hey,so did the Dude read the bday post?What did he say? 😉

  4. Trust me, if you had had it, you would know! It was a very ‘Saji’s OM1 result’ kinda feeling ;)!
    We are still not talking about Indian Idol, so..

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