And it was called Yellow

So,  I am here to write about our song. Yes, we too have a song, and like I-Love-Lucy said, we too are that kind of people. 

The Dude and I unfortunately do not have the same taste in music. He is very firang when it comes to this, and I have come to know that it is not just for the purpose of looking smart, he actually does know a lot. Oh come on! How does one explain humming along every damn track that plays on VHI! I on the other hand, am very much desi. Lots of Bollywood, Indi-Pop for me and angrezi music knowledge is extremely limited, mainly to recommended tracks which I might get pretty much addicted to. But ask me to identify a song by a band, whose other song I love, zilch. I would never be able to do it. And, I don’t understand Pink Floyd. There, you get the idea now.

So, it was a pretty difficult concept to have a song, especially because we might be rarely listening to and enjoying the same music. Anyways, the Dude thought it was a good idea to educate me a bit more about how nice English music could be and over one of our very many chats on the office messenger, sent me the lyrics of the song Yellow by Cold Play saying it was one of the most beautiful songs. And my instant reaction was ‘Ok, now those are weird lyrics! The guy is just calling everything yellow!’ And the dude was equally disappointed because he thought it was an extremely romantic number (more so because it was a prospective song from him to me kinds). All he replied however was a ‘L ’ and asked me to listen to it, I might like it after all. 

I never downloaded it for a long time, and believed firmly that I would never ever grow fond of a song which called the stars, and everything yellow. Finally the Dude was back, and we resumed our long drives, and he had long ago given up on asking me to try and listen to the song. Some random cd was playing in the car, and it happened to have yellow on it. When we reached the song, for some reason (has to be the weather or something) I mentioned how beautiful the song was. Surprisingly, and very conveniently I missed the word yellow and heard the rest of the song, for the first time, and loved it. Though that was a very ‘I told you so’ moment for the dude, it was humbly accepted.

Anyways, every time it played, good things seemed to happen. When the Dude again left for another of his trips abroad, and I was as usual cribby, somehow the song would appear on VH1 (which would be playing only because I was surfing channels) and things would be fine. And magically this would play on most cds randomly chosen for long drives (ok, honestly I think this is because the song is on most of the mixed Cds). The song also made a special appearance on our wedding card. And was the first on the cd to be played during the reception (but which didn’t because we didn’t have an input jack to connect to a laptop or an mp3 player, so we had Himesh Reshamiya as our wedding theme, and now we are deviating). So the song has by now firmly lodged itself in the Music ∩ us space.

I came along , I wrote a song for you, oh what a thing to do
And it was called Yellow..

Yep, that be our song J  


21 thoughts on “And it was called Yellow

  1. Anonymous

    Yellow Yellow…
    Okay, I won’t complete that phrase.
    But if you ask me, I find the song pretentious. As I do with Pink Floyd. Holden Caulfield would have sneered at em… I bet! It’s easy to brush of detractors like me with a ‘Pah! You just don’t ‘get it’.’ (I should be stoned for using nested single quotes though.)
    I would prefer the simplicity of Lennon (Imagine, Lucy, etc), the sincerity (for lack of better word) of Matt Slocum (“Down and out of time” comes to mind), or the poetic ambiguity of Cohen… (Though the only song I love is ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’)

  2. Re: Yellow Yellow…
    Ok I wont say Pah , will do with a ‘whatever’!
    Also, will actually need to listen to the above mentioned tracks ( no, I know none! So sue me) to judge them. Till then, let me enjoy the song I love , pretentitious or otherwise. Peace.

  3. Anonymous

    Re: Yellow Yellow…
    Peace! The point which I didn’t make was… your original complaint was that you didn’t get the song. (‘Ok, now those are weird lyrics! The guy is just calling everything yellow!’ )
    My question to you is:
    Do you now ‘get’ the song? Or do you just like it? There is a difference.

  4. And you once complained that I played that track a little too often!! hmm.. you must have been sleepy. Divs, you’ve forgotten it used to be one of the synchronising songs in C-Bottom???? You would remember Linkin Park more I guess.
    And it is a lovely lovely song.

  5. Re: Yellow Yellow…
    Ah, good question. And yes there is a difference, and true , Its more abouy me liking the song, but for some reason the lyrics make much more sense now, so I guess I finally do get it ( to some extent!)

  6. Oh God! Now thats news to me! Ouch (I must have been sleeping afterall!!). I do remember Linkin park, and I am sure you would have sent me this song too for the synchronisation thing, but I dont remember at all. To think I complained about it 😦
    Anyways, better late than never! 😀

  7. Anonymous

    Nice choice of song,Divya 🙂
    Oh but I must ask…Himesh Reshmmiya theme for your wedding reception??!!
    Pray,do elaborate!!!

  8. Ah, now that deserves a post in itself! 🙂
    Lets just say, assuming that the music system in every hotel has an mp3 compatible cd player is not the best idea, more so when his music options are limited to our dearest Himesh’s ‘hits’!

  9. Hmmm.. It’s a nice song. But it worries me why you don’t like Floyd? 😦 Should I send you a list of songs that might just make you a believer? Or has The Dude already tried enough? 😀

    And bollywood is awesome too – have you heard Kites yet? How’s it?

    1. He tried and gave up I guess 😦 I wish he hadn’t. I’m sure there was a possibility of it growing on me, whaddyasay? I should try it again and surprise him! 😀

      Yes, yes, I am the download (piracy I know) the day the music releases and listen kind. Not very impressed, a couple of songs are hummable but that’s all! Rajneeti seems interesting though 🙂

    1. I totally agree! 🙂 Like I said, somehow everytime it plays, something good happens! Thanks for a leaving a blog link to read Sagarika!

  10. Have you heard other Coldplay songs? Each of them is very lovable and almost becomes an earworm. I have some or the other memory associated with most of their songs (that keep playing endlessly in my car on days).

    This song sends me back to 2005 when I was attending my first Cultural Fest on campus during engineering. Indian Ocean played a cover of this song, and what followed was a truly memorable concert by Strings!

    And oh, we all were dancing in waves with Yellow!

    Do try The Scientist, or Viva La Vida, or Paradise.

    1. Ofcourse! Scientist is my absolute favorite. It is THE favorite!
      I also love Fix you. Love it Love it. The Band itself! I have iPhone Coldplay skin in fact that I use 🙂

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