I just  thought of writing about something which I claim to be an expert at. Not only that, reliable sources would vouch for this extraordinary talent I possess and hence excel at. So today, the idea is to take you through the various forms of sleepiness, in no particular order.

To start with, we have the regular tired sleepy kinds. You’ve had a long day, you woke up early in the morning, you did the regular household chores, you rushed to work, you churned out important sounding reports and attended meeting that would change the world. And now all that you can think of is getting under those covers and dozing off. That’s our tired sleepy state.

The second kind of sleepiness is the one which arises from the state of joblessness. Now this kind can be observed at your work place. Usually it would be an individual who would be done with his work for the day, but has to look busy or else more stuff would be dumped onto him. He tries keeping himself busy with mails, blogs etc, but then comes a point when he invariantly starts nodding off, and every time he wakes up, tries to look as seriously at the system as possible, while checking if anyone else noticed from the corner of his eye. Surprisingly, this sleepiness disappears once the person is off the work premises usually.

Now the third form of sleepiness is the bored sleepy state. One should not compare this to the jobless sleepy state though it sounds kinda similar. This state is induced from pure boredom; mind you, not joblessness, but boredom. You have work; in fact you have so much of it that you cannot spare a minute. But you are so crazily bugged of the monotony that you are transported into dreamland. Here more often than not the individual fails to realize that he is actually half asleep till the numbers on the excel sheet start looking really weird. Dangerous, this kind of sleepiness is.

Then there is the Gyan induced sleepiness, which yours truly is most regularly a victim of. Attending meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences, even round table discussions can lead to this kind of nodding off which can be extremely harmful to the reputation ( and sometimes useful, when you are nominated for the sleep-bag award at your institute, ignoring the fact that you very unfairly do not win it in the end). This state is more prominent when the room is air conditioned, in which case the individual might actually start wondering which corner of the room would be most suitable to take a blanket and doze off in (again inspired by experience).

We also have the post heavy lunch sleepiness. The effects are more prominent when the lunch is actually tasty or comprises of large quantities of egg biryani and buttermilk to follow. This form affects the maximum number of people, even the kind who otherwise can survive with two hours of sleep each day. We can observe a large groups of people yawning simultaneously in front of their systems at around 2’o’clock every day. 

Another kind I can think of reading induced sleepiness. Now this one does not apply to me really, reading actually keeps me awake. Except when it comes to reading philosophy about how one should live ones life, or walk on the path of enlightenment. But I have heard from many people that reading long books puts them to sleep. So all that dozing off with an open book on the nose comes under this category.

Lastly, we have the forcibly induced sleep. This is more of a final state of sleeping than being sleepy. It occurs in cases when the person actually has nothing interesting enough to do and so actually wastes precious weekend or days off sleeping. It’s more of an ‘Oh I have nothing else to do, why not I just sleep’ sleeping. Though at times it also includes, ‘Oh I wont have enough time to sleep once the week starts and so why not I use all my time to sleep right now’. Sad this kind of sleeping is, but pretty prevalent.

Phew, so I am done. That was long! Though it did strike me just now whether reading such long blog posts about sleepiness should also form a part of this list. Cos writing one certainly seems to be one 😀

So, this is sleepy me, signing off. Till then, Ciao!

8 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Ah the Gyan induced sleepiness.. It runs in my blood.. whenever I have to listen to someone giving a lecture.. I doze off in approx 5 minutes.. and very surprisingly, get up exactly 2 mins before the lecture ends :D..

    This is extremely dangerous.. since it has happened many a times when our CEO gave his talks.. but what to do 😦

    1. Same here! I blame the gyan giver though, I have stayed awake through some sessions, which means, it can be done afterall! But depends on the capabilities. 😀
      Worst cases are when you open you eyes for a moment, and the speaker seems to looking right at you. Ack!

  2. Well, I don’t blame the speaker.. It is mostly my fault since this happens when 95% of the crown is awake, and listening intently :P..

    I share this ability with my dad and bro.. The funniest moment I’ve had so far was when both me and bro took the same class and we were nodding off in perfect synchronisation.. The entire class had a blast just looking at us 😀

  3. Oh wow, that would have been a classy performance! 🙂
    And the best times were during B school, where some people had upgraded to camera phones in class, so there are way too many ‘Kodak moments’ captured!

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