Today I …

  • Sat at my desk trying to look all busy because I couldn’t stand getting more work
  • Worked for a while on a presentation which I myself know very well is downright horrible, hence proving that I am not in a state to work today.
  • Have a horrible head ache for no real reason and it just seems to get worse.
  • Tried posting a picture on LJ and failed for the 100th time.
  • Got bugged with LJ and so created an account with word press which is oh-so-cool-and-user friendly-and-full-of-features.
  • Contemplated shifting to the new blog for good and then didn’t.
  • Fought with Mom because she refused to hear and react enthusiastically enough to the good things that were said about my project yesterday.
  • Called her again myself because I needed someone to know anyways.
  • Walked to and from the water cooler 5 times just to be reminded that there is no water in it.
  • Sent an ‘I am having a bad day’ SMS to The Dude and then an ‘I am really bugged with you’ SMS when he refused to reply.
  • Switched off the phone to show him that I was indeed angry and would not receive his calls.
  • Switched it on twice to see if he has sent a message and saw he hadn’t.
  • Sent the presentation anyways and got it back as expected to work on it again.
  • Got a mail from the Dude (finally!) saying how busy had been and how he was just about to call.
  • Tried being bugged and acting pricey and lasted all of 5 minutes.
  • Was called to an urgent meeting which ended up being a half hour get together since the boss got busy elsewhere.
  • Wrote an immensely mundane post about my immensely mundane day and felt happy about having something to post.And now that I am done, I am waiting for it to be 9, so that I can go home.

So what did you do today?


12 thoughts on “Today I …

  1. Anonymous

    As for me…
    Just had my brunch, read Asterix after a long time and actively considering whether I should go late or bunk the entire day…

  2. Re: As for me…
    Lucky you! For a while I have been feeling like I am in school or something, explaining every leave. But what would you do at home anyways? Probably cook the Mrs a surprise dinner!

  3. I am sure I was just as cribby (is that a word??) if not more while actually a student. But it’s just the fact that there is nothing new to look forward to once we start working, and the monotony of it all, which makes you think how much fun even the tiring assignments were! But again it might just be a greener grass case.

  4. Anonymous

    *Did nothing useful at work
    *Mopped around generally feeling sorry for myself for no reason whatsoever
    *Tried to extract sympathy from M but he was way too busy with work to play along
    *Ate 5 pieces of Cadbury’s Fruit n Nut

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